Kamber Keeley Greening

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Kamber Keeley Greening

Post by Kamber on Thu Sep 03, 2009 7:46 am


Full Name: Kamber Keeley Greening

Gender: Female

Birth Date: September 21. 19 years old.

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Height: 5’3”

About His/Her Family: She’s got three dads, Keegan, her first daddy, Kai, her second daddy, and Alton, her third. She also has one Mom, Katsa. Keegan and Kai are married, and Katsa and Alton are married. Both families live in Ughdarras, so it’s easy for Kamber and her twin sister Kairi to go back and forth. She also has a lot of little brothers and sisters.

- Your interests are varied
- You might need to have your "me time"
- You're very good at working around or with others; what others see as a hindrance, you make the most of
- Over the course of your life, you've gone from a fairly easy lifestyle to a more difficult one, with difficult opponents. It seems that the older you get, the less people like you [this sounds quite cruel but I can't think of any other way to analyse it, sorry!]
- Usually what seems like a success will turn out to be a mistake; you probably have a few "it seemed like a good idea at the time" events in life
- You're able to cope with things that others wouldn't
- Due to your unique style and the very clear impression you give, you're very easy to track down
- On a similar note, you're very persistant when trying to find something, be it your keys or a fact
- When all else fails, you aren't afraid to stand up for yourself
- Even if it isn't always recognized, you work hard and get good results for it


Full Name: Milo

Settled Or Not: Settled (raccoon)

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Green



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