Violet Julie Greening

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Violet Julie Greening

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Full Name: Violet Julie Greening

Gender: Female

Birth Date: May 28. 17 years old.

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Blonde

Height: 5’6”

About His/Her Family: She’s got a mom, Lily, a dad, Rhint, and two younger sisters, Coraline and Norah.

-You are very good at supporting yourself in what others would sink into
-You blend into the background and don't like to be noticed
-You have a defining charecteristic
-Not a very fussy eater, but your diet changes according to the time of year and you probably prefer veggies to meat
-Usually solitary but you are sometimes seen in small groups
-You prefer night to day and are more active then
-(male) Aggressive when it comes to finding a mate, you will fight and show off for a partner
-(male) If you fancy someone, you'll probably follow them round wuite a lot.
-You don't stick to one partner
-you might look more like distant relatives than your close family
-You are of average size compared to the rest of your family, and have quite a small presence
-You have very good hearing, or you communicate with sound, you hear about everything that goes on around you
-You are good at sensing danger and oncoming problems
-You have very strong teeth (sorry, had no idea how to interpret this)
-(female) Maternal and probably hope to have a lot of children
-Although you usually go unnotcied, when you leave someplace you leave very obvious tracks and signs that you've been there. However, these signs can fool people and cause them to go in the wrong direction (sorry if that made no sense, hare'shind feet tracks are in front of their front feet)
-You don't mind the cold, and probably quite like it
-You are good at protecting yourself from cold comments, they don't harm you at all
-You probably like to live in quite dense and busy places like towns and small cities
-You're always hiding in the daytime, even though not many people want to hurt you
-You like dark, cosy places and have lots of little hidey holes to retreat to
-You are probably a bit of a dreamer
-There are many places you could live; you're not restricted to just one area
-(female) Become highly aggressive and intolerant of your partner when you come close to childbirth
-You are a fast thinker, and probably physically fast as well
-You don't mind bad, cloudy weather and are often out in it
-You are a good swimmer
-You are tough and capable, you survive in situations that many others couldn't
-You might be quite vain about your appearance and you take beauty naps
-Quite quiet and not particularly vocal, however you will make a lot of noise and fuss if in danger
-Excellent at escaping from people who want to hurt you
-When frightened, you freeze

Full Name: Martin

Settled Or Not: Settled (arctic hare)

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Blue


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