Coraline Alecis Greening

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Coraline Alecis Greening

Post by Coraline on Thu Sep 03, 2009 8:45 am


Full Name: Coraline Alecis Greening

Gender: Female

Birth Date: July 20. 15 years old.

Eye Color: Grayish Green

Hair Color: Red

Height: 5’3”

About His/Her Family: She’s got a mom, Lily, a dad, Rhint, and older sister, Violet, and a younger sister, Norah.

-Perhaps you like to be "high up" instead of amongst a crowd.
-Like enclosed spaces, don't mind as long as you have leg room.
-Contrary to your like of a high view, it's not unlikely that you'll be seen in a crowd from time to time, especially if it's because of food.(xD)
-you progress through something rapidly, and your changes usually aren't gradual.
-Your pretty graceful, or at least you make what you do look alright.
-You can appear different than one may think; don't look like your more well-known relatives.
-When out of your element, you can be clumsy and appear silly or comical(?)
-You excel in somewhere someone may least expect.
-You may have talents that no one else in your family have
-you may not be good with small details/may be a klutz
-[male] You may have a large area you call your sanctuary, and annoy others by overlapping their's.
-[female] You let other people, perhaps your family be in your "area", perhaps your lenient about people entering your room, etc.
-You have few people who dislike you, and those who do really dislike you.
-When you were young, you depended strongly on your parents, but you don't when you are older/surprisingly independent.


Full Name: Maddox

Settled Or Not: Settled (tree kangaroo)

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Emerald

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