I'm so happy I can make him. :3

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I'm so happy I can make him. :3

Post by Harper on Tue Sep 15, 2009 7:11 pm


Full Name: Harper Jory Adler

Gender: Male

Birth Date: June 20th, age 18

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Hazelish blue

Height: 6'

About His/Her Family: His mother is a nice lady by the name of Aeria, who sadly was raped by an evil man named August, resulting in the creation of Harper.

S p l a s h a little limelight...
[how i act out there]
o Be it black humor, perversion, or something else along those lines- the things that bring you joy would worry some people.
o It also happens to be the way that you best relate, oh the hilarity.
o Funny thing for you- in day to day conversation, you tend to fail a little...
o But if it comes to something you're interested in or applying your humor for show?
o Then you're absolutely excellent! Unfortunately, this means that a lot of people overlook you, and you overlook them.
o Hey, it's not your fault that you find most small talk to be meaningless banter.
o Not that you want intense discussion all the time, either, but unless you're enjoying it you're going to tune out.
o Space cadet isn't quite the right word for it, but you can be mistaken for being stupid. Some things fly straight over your head.
o This is usually because your mind became suddenly preoccupied with something, which spells out doom for anything else going on around you.
o Well, maybe not doom, exactly, but certainly negligence!
o Because of this and your habit of keeping things to yourself, you tend to lose track of place in a conversation, or think of the wrong in-joke by missing a reference completely.
o Still, no one could really call you spacey, absent-minded, or flaky. Daydreamer isn't even the right word for it.
o You simply become very, very involved with your own little world, to no fault of anyone else.
o In addition to keeping company with your internal world or missing the beat on certain things, this ties into your everyday life.
o That, along with some of your laziness and adoration of all things simple but wonderful make some things rough for you.
o Procedures that have too many steps become a bit troublesome for you. You prefer things to be straightforward and easy instead of complex.
o It could be because you get bored, and you want to do something else, you know.
o Or it could be because you simply don't have the concentration level to do it.
o Most likely, however, it's simply because you like to get things and understand them readily.
o When you don't, that tends to bother you and make you feel more insecure.
o You don't mind a challenge, but you don't enjoy trying to figure out what the challenge is first.
o Puzzles, in other words, might not be your idea of fun, though games like Scrabble that are open-ended will keep your interest.
o Ironically, you're not very decisive, and when presented with a large amount of information, you'd rather have a narrower scope.
o This is mostly because you want to do instead of loaf- when you're loafing, which you like to be often enough, you want it on your terms, dang it!

W h a t you see...
[what people think of me]
o One look at you, and people already have all sorts of assumptions rolling around in their head.
o It's true; whether you like it or not, you very much resemble a certain stereotype, or two.
o In fact, that is what the majority of people will judge you by that which you resemble quite heavily.
o Needless to say, you are often dismissed as being shallow or two-dimensional by most.
o Because of this, people often just take one good, long look at you and look away soon after.
o Why they do this is pretty simple; you're just a whatever, and folks tend to think on a glance that they know.
o People may be turned off or intimidated by who or what you choose to resemble, but it's not really something you're in complete control over.
o Indeed, who you are naturally simply warrants people taking you as a card-board cut out.
o The more picky eyes would take a good look at you and probably just say that you're a fake, or at least you put too much emphasis on your label.
o However, your label is actually usually a bit off, as anyone who gets to know you could probably tell. Similar, maybe, but that's as far as it really goes.
o Your label, whatever it may be, however, is far from your only defining characteristic.
o Yes, that's right- there's actually a very distinguishing mark about you; no one ever mistakes you for being something or someone else more than once.
o It is subtle, but you are you, above all things... That label or two just tend to come with the package.
o People probably peg you as someone who is trying too hard to fit in or to fit out, which is too bad.
o People also automatically register you as being someone who is a bit of a regular wherever you go.
o Even where you regularly attend, you're not always entirely welcome, however- there's a subtle discrimination cast unto you, make no mistake about it.
o It probably doesn't help that one of the things that you make clear in a finger snap's time that you have a combination of strong and varied opinions.
o That, and your slightly dark sense of humor also tends to hover on the fringes of whatever you do.
o Aye, some people would go so far as to say that you're a bit socially retarded, even though you blend into a crowd almost effortlessly.
o Really, it's not as bad as all that; but your reputation, and your stereotype tend to precede you. There's one real important thing to note, though!
o Just about everybody and their mother completely and utterly underestimates you, so there.
o That, and even if people are wary of you for whatever reason, you don't seem like a threat...
o So people think they know your capabilities, and they don't take you as a threat.
o Actually, yes, you are pretty easy to get along with, and to talk to once a conversation is on go.
o Though some people just seem to think you're kissing butt or trying to cut someone down to size, and sometimes you are, people just assume all over the place about you.
o You don't stand out overwhelmingly, but you don't quite fit in, either.

W h a t you get...
[what i think of me]
o You're actually extremely skilled at seeming you're oblivious, when you're not. We'll get into that kettle of fish a little bit later.
o You know how to fake stupid, sometimes you do it for your own benefit, sometimes you do it for other reasons...
o Aheh. Let's just say that you're quite aware of other people's shaky opinion of you, though you try not to let it get to you.
o Let's face it, it does, sometimes.
o Sure, you're good at squeezing a good laugh out of it, or bending the irony to your benefit but come on!
o There are days that you feel outright persecuted. Folks are always pointing fingers in your direction, and calling out the things that they see in you.
o Well, maybe not fingers, but certainly their eyes.
o You get around to feeling a little persecuted, and yes, rather alone.
o Being used to it doesn't really make that much of a difference to you; you know that you're not really openly accepted most places.
o This causes you to feel a bit like a freak, and more than a little bit alienated. You know who you are for the most part, but...
o Sometimes? Sometimes you get confused. You're quick to doubt both yourself and others.
o Actually, you know that you are an insecure person, and with the few people you decide you like you might be a little clingy.
o Well, okay, you are a little clingy. You can actually be fairly defensive with them, and you can be a bit obsessive.
o Yes, yes, you know that you tend to obsess about people and thinks that you like. You get it, already.
o Sometimes you don't notice right away, but you do get it.
o You're also the kind of person who takes pride in their accomplishments. Sure, you might not put a whole lot of backbone into a lot, but you do just fine like that.
o Mmhmm, you're one of those proud procrastinators. You're smart enough, and you know it.
o The fact other folks might not think so is just a bonus for you.
o Anywhoo, back to the pride bit. Success? Yes, please! You like showing that you've got somethin' working up there, though you rarely brag upright.
o Unless you really did get some backbone into it. Then you'll probably poke at people until you can get praise.
o Loathe to correction though you are, you always are striving to correct yourself and impress those around you.
o Fact of the matter is, while you and people may have a slightly questionable connection, you like trying to make it better.
o As much as you enjoy manipulating on occasion or the whatnot, you really do sincerely enjoy doing something right.
o ... So you do put some backbone into it, even if it's just a little. Pfft. Lazybones.

G o t to dance...
[how i tackle today]
o Earlier, it was mentioned that you had a bit of a problem finding a place you were real comfortable with. Socially, intellectually, spiritually, you tend to wander.
o You don't entirely hate wandering, either, but you do get sick of it sometimes, and you have some constants in your life.
o More than anything, though, you're all for showing you're not to be persecuted.
o Often, when you find something that might win you a more cozy niche, you subconsciously throw all of yourself into it, which helps build up your so-called stereotypes.
o Indeed, once you decide that you like something or want to be good at it, you put in every last drop you've got into seeing that you're good at it.
o This tends to make you a bit of a know it all, and you enjoy being an authority on certain things
o In other words, you tend to throw yourself away for your current interests at the time, to a degree, which makes you turn into a fast expert.
o It also makes you lose track of yourself, to a degree.
o You really do throw yourself into something when it gets you; you're either really into something, or you're really not.
o As you know very, very well, most of the time you're really not.
o You like things, sure, but you are first and foremost a procrastinator.
o Generally, you don't enjoy putting energy into something- even if you know you should or that it's worth it- unless you flat out want to.
o The good news is, when you want to, you're a bloody destroyer with the topic and the situation. Really, you're a smart critter, and you're not bad on your feet.
o You're also most effective in smaller bursts, spaced out with longer periods of relaxing about.
o Usually. If you won't lose interest, if you know you will, you tend to put whatever oomph you can sum up into one big push for the finish line.
o You usually come out on top, too, but you kind of enjoy pushing deadlines and playing your cards to see how far you can go with different people and situations.
o Ironically, sometimes you put more effort into not doing things then you would simply by doing things.
o Another important thing to note about the way you think is that most of the time, you think about things and they occupy a grey area. That is, until they've entered your area of interest or expertise.
o Then, suddenly, your nonchalance becomes quite the opposite. You know what happens then, don't you? You become super competitive and hierarchal.
o Yes, you do have an eye for quality, and you'll fight tooth and nail to see that you'll come out on top unless you really respect a certain someone.
o Now, you're a fighter, you've learned how to fight, so you almost always stand up for yourself.
o Even when you do something wrong, you'll probably push it just a little. It's a combination of seeing how far you can go, and if you can reap sympathy.
o Yes, you like being in the right and you like to show that you can be. You also like seeing the other side completely destroyed.
o However, in spite of your viciousness or assuming nature once cornered, you're quick to back down when showed kindness or indisputable reason.
o This is why you try to avoid arguments, if you can, but with some people you're just naturally drawn to 'em.
o The bare bones of it is that you're bright, but lazy about it. Tsk.

G o i n g on, forever...
[what makes me me]
o As far as opinions go, you swing one of two ways: you don't have one at all, or you have a very strong one.
o As an example, you could be very picky about food, but have no idea which resteraunt to choose when given the chance.
o Or it could be the vice versa, really, either way you tend to be a mix of curiously indecisive and exceptionally opinionated.
o You are very, very frank about what you don't like and a little more vague about what you do.
o In your efforts to please others, sometimes you just make things a little rougher when it comes to making a joint decision.
o Alas, you also enjoy letting other people pick, because you know that you earn them-points, which is usually a bonus no matter what the situation.
o Let's be frank; you tend to cling to the past pretty intensely. You pay more attention to that then you do the future of the present.
o Memories are quite dear to you, and replay them often, though because of your nature you tend to focus on the more unpleasant ones.
o Unless asked, your thoughts, feelings, or memories are largely kept to yourself. Still, once you embellish them, it's there forever.
o Kind of like certain information. For all the things you don't care about, you'll drink down even the smallest amount of information and make it stay if you're interested in something.
o In fact, you'll kinda go out of your way to see that you do, but that's not news to anyone.
o Oh, right. You're a hoarder. You hoard things that you like, completely and without apology.
o A pack rat? Oh, no, no, no- you'd much rather think of yourself of a collector of odds and ends.
o Of things that please you, not necessarily of a bottle cap collection or anything so uniform!
o No, the things that you tend to hoard tend to be things that are a bit more personal to you, things that mean something.
o Even if it's just artwork or snippets about writing that endear themselves onto you, you'll take it.
o Actually, sometimes you'll hoard things without significance. You just like having things, and what's more, you like having your things.
o Yes, the bold is important. If you feel particularly attached to something, you will find a way to make it yours.
o This does drum into your slightly obsessive personality; the things you care about, you care about quite a lot.
o A lot, to the point where some might find it a little bit over the top. Not necessarily creepy, but certainly zealous.
o Still, it's not like your frightening or overly malicious. You have the capability, like most people do, but unless you tend to sink your teeth into something...
o Well, let's just say that you don't bite unless provoked, in any way, shape, or form.

D a n c i n g when nobody's looking...
[what makes a home]
o You have a couple needs when it comes to being comfortable somewhere, and while you're not always easy to live with you're hardly a pain. You're certainly not impossible.
o Really, you're more versatile than people give you credit for, seesh!
o Alright, so maybe you like some variety in your life, tempered with consistency. Yes, that's everyone to some degree, but for you the mix is very specific.
o You like having a schedule of sorts to rely upon, but having the flexibility to change small things within that schedule.
o Having that kind of versatility in your home life is crucial. Grounding, but free enough to keep you from being bored out of your mind.
o You also generally prefer things to be warm, and you enjoy significant affection and care when living in a household.
o You also need lots of space, and when you're doing something or take an interest, you demand the room to do it.
o Indeed, though you're not fond of conflict you'll take it and fight back. The occasional squabble does not spell death, though it is disorienting.
o Yeah, you prefer having the realm to be free and do things on your own terms.
o You don't enjoy doing things exclusively on your own, however, and you do enjoy being catered to.
o Yes, to the point where you will avoid all household chores if possible.
o When you want to make it work, you can, and you will, though you certainly prefer to do things as you want them.
o Low maintenance house, or make someone else do all the work? Yes, please! Exactly what you're signing up for!
o Because of this, and because you prefer to keep things low-key, a smaller house might be good for you.
o You don't mind large spaces, either, but... eh. What are you going to do with it, when you could make do with something smaller?
o You're not going anywhere, after all! However, you're large hoard of things, as mentioned much earlier, does require some space.
o Though you may leave it unattended, your hoard is your hoard, and you like it untouched, please and thank you very much.
o Size doesn't matter to you so much as versatility. You like being able to be able to do what you want.
o Provide for your basic needs, and- well, yes, admittedly a little more than that- and you're good!
o Seriously, your creature comforts and you'll settle for any kind of place. Big, small, city, town, circle, square- if it fills your basic wants, you're satisfied!
o The only other thing you might like would be relative privacy, but the ability to reach out for someone if you felt the desire to be with someone.
o A typical roommate wouldn't be a happy ending for you, but living with a significant other or a well-established roommate or friend is good for you.
o Yes, if someone lives with you, you will be fair about it. In fact, you'll even talk to them, and adopt them into your inner circle.

W h e n we are together...
[what i need from you]
o Let it first be said that, yes, ladies and gentleman... You are an introvert.
o No surprise there. Now, while you enjoy the company of certain people at large, the main crowd and population at general doesn't leave you quite so thrilled.
o Not only do you often feel oppressed there, you also find it overwhelming to be with too many people for too long. Heck, even one person for too long can wear you down.
o What you need is space and understanding from others to let you have your space.
o After all, if you really want someone around, you either give them the green light, drop some hints, or go to them yourself.
o You find constant conversation and company especially wearing. You understand and enjoy the value of silence.
o Really, people in general wear you out and the vast majority of them bore you.
o You try to give people the benefit of a doubt, but you just can't do it if you don't consider them interesting.
o This creates some problems for you. Civil and friendly enough though you are, you only really get along with a small handful.
o In fact, even when you try, as mentioned above, you and the general populace just doesn't click.
o This probably includes being with your family. You're the odd one out, in almost any picture.
o Indeed, your vast army of acquaintances entirely dwarfs your collection of real friends. You could count those on one hand, maybe two if you felt like being generous.
o With those people, your friends- the family you picked for yourself- you are unbelievably attached.
o Indeed, for them, you'll bend your rules, you won't always aim to manipulate...
o Ha, you'll actually do things for them, to make them happy, partially because you know you can.
o Pleasing somebody is a big part of a relationship for you.
o Unless you feel loved and accepted by the person at hand, chances are that you're not going to get close even if they are very interesting.
o After all, you don't care for conflict and avoid it where you can. Some people would call you super-sensitive, and they would be right.
o Super sensitive you are, which is why you need someone around you who can handle that.
o Well, either handle it and handle it well, or give you just the right amounts of love and praise to keep you humming happily along.
o When it comes from friends, you don't even require every day contact, even if you enjoy it.
o Really, you're just happy to have them there, and even if they don't quite put in what you do, you'll give 'em every last drop that you've got.
o With your friends, you probably also enjoy the validation of touch- simple things like hugging, more intimate things like holding hands or cuddling when someone's a love interest.
o Love interests are another bag of chips. Since you are on the insecure side, you need more attention from them.
o You also need just the right amount of space- balance that chemistry, and you're willing to bend on just about every other topic known to mankind.
o Overall, you're very tolerant: you just have to feel like you're being loved and accepted as you are, and you're happy as a clam.

In conclusion, you are sentimental, insecure, and underestimated. You are the culpeo.

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