How am I suppose to be happy when all I ever wanted, it comes with a price

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How am I suppose to be happy when all I ever wanted, it comes with a price

Post by Konnor on Tue Sep 08, 2009 3:59 pm


Full Name: Konnor Kasper Flint

Gender: Male

Birth Date: April 4th

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Height: 5' 6"

About His/Her Family: He was adopted by Keegan and Kai, his two Daddy's. Very Happy He has I guess you could call them half sisters, since they're his Daddy's daughters, Kairi and Kamber.

African Wildcat
-At first glance you are quiet, coquettish, shy and sweet--but your close friends know that's just barely scratching the surface. You can be cute and cuddly like a housecat, but beneath that sugar surface there's a dangerous wild animal ready to pounce at any given moment.
-You err on the side of caution, not willing to ask anyone out or take the chance unless the outcome will be exactly what you expect and want, and even then you take the result with more caution.
-You might come off as aloof and hard to approach, but your friends and associates know that you're actually quite a fun person to hang out with--you just need time to get comfortable and adjusted with people.
-You're more of a small-group type or one-on-one. Definitely not a party person, and like all cat souls, you need lots and lots of alone time.
-You're a tough cookie and not inclined to let the small things bother you, although like many felines you have a sensitive side that you don't like showing to people.
-Though you may be close to your friends, there are some secrets that they simply will never know--those secrets you'll only share with a person who has similar secrets. You'll tell them if they talk first, though--you would never make the first move.
-While you are practical and grounded, you're not above random whimsical things, like posting impromptu facebook messages on someone's wall if you had a dream about them the night before, or writing cute sticky notes and leaving them on a boy's door. While other people might consider this weird or even socially unacceptable, you think it's a nice gesture.
-You like to show your feelings, rather than telling and talking about them--a note, a smile, a little present.
-People who step onto your turf, whether it's chasing a boy you like or going through your things without permission are in for an unpleasant surprise. Seemingly uncharacteristic of you, you will tear their faces off.
-You're probably not a big sharer, or if you are, you're inclined towards fairness--"I'll let you have some of my peanut butter if you let me have some of your orange juice" or "Let's split the tab."
-You're very deliberate. Depending on the situation, the time and the place, you'll alter how aggressive you are. That awkward son of your mother's best friend that you really, REAAAAAAALLY don't want to go out on a date with? You'll go anyway--maybe you'll be silent for most of the time, or even subtly catty, but you won't be outright aggressive. But when you're talking to your friends, you won't be afraid to be completely vehement and unreserved.
-You're good at being unremarkable when you want to be, at being "that kid" in class. Actually, unless you want something (like that cute boy to notice you) you'll play that card.
-You have a presence, though--it might not be the biggest one in the world, but you're definitely not easily overlooked.
-You're not afraid to tackle large projects or seemingly overwhelming situations--you'll always be able to get through with finesse and class, and while you might like to take it easy and relax around the house, you also work very hard and get things done the way you want it to be done.
-You're actually quite loquacious, but when someone else is talking you'll let them talk first.
-You might be seen as a bit uptight because you don't take well to being made fun of, not even if it's by your friends--you'll laugh, but you'll also give the Look.
-You're not picky about where you live--it can be anywhere from a place with wide open prairies to the cramped spaces and confines of a city.
-People underestimate you a lot. You would surprise them with the things that you know and the places that you've seen.
-You're not one to let your feelings carry you away; you tend to shy away from heavily emotional involvements, though you may like to fantasize about Prince Charming, you won't ever go after him. You'll only admire from afar.
-You keep your cool demeanor at almost all times--it's only your close friends that see you really giggly and talkative.
-You will only talk when you have something interesting to contribute. Otherwise you're just content to listen to other people talk.
-You have your little flights of fancy, but most of your mental energy is spent on getting the job done.
-You're more willing to put yourself out there than people give you credit for. You'll give everyone a chance to be your friend, to date you--you're very fair in this way. It might take a little prying and persuading to get you out there, but you're ready and willing--you just need to know that it's safe to do so.
-You surprise people with your schemes and your harsh words of "If only I could tell this guy..." They are usually left wide eyed that such coldness could come out of you, of all people!


Full Name: Kalypso

Settled Or Not: Settled (African Wildcat)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Goldish green


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