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Full Name: Lyfe Saxon Kingston

Gender: Male

Birth Date: March 10th

Eye Color: Grey

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 6'

About His/Her Family: He has a mom and dad who he loves. But after he graduated he got a job, saved up his money and moved out.

[Let's see that S M I L E]
How you act around others

-There's no denying it; you definitely stand out in a crowd.
-Some might say you have a rather striking appearance.
-You have a certain grace and power in the way you hold yourself and move.
-You are kind-natured and sweet most of the time.
-You are usually very tolerant, but you aren't opposed to using violence if you're pushed too far.
-Sometimes you don't realize how strong you are.
-You love to entertain and please people around you.
-You are very protective and loyal towards those close to you.
-You don't take well to strangers, but you're not shy or rude to them.
-You're a pretty vocal person; you like to talk and even shout when you have to.
-You can also have selective hearing - you sometimes pretend to not hear something you don't want to.
-You like being around people. If you're not socializing, you're in the corner feeling depressed.
-You take it upon yourself to stand up for others when they can't see the trouble they're in.
-You can be one to take advantage of someone you know can't boss you around.
-And can be quite the bossy one yourself; you like to hound people about anything and everything.

[With a sense of S E L F]
How you are as a person

-You like to be active and in the thick of things. You can't stand to sit around doing nothing.
-You have a good memory, especially when it comes to remembering things people have done to you.
-You aren't one to forgive quickly. You certainly do hold grudges.
-You're pretty high-strung; you need a firm hand to keep you grounded.
-You're intelligent and you prefer to learn as much as you can on your own.
-You need your space. You're a people person, but you need a lot of personal room for yourself.
-You are just as active at home as you are outside of it. You're an energetic busybody.
-You don't do very well in cold weather.
-You're rather sensitive. You've been known to sulk or pout when you're scolded or when you don't get your way.
-You do not tire very easily. You're active and you thrive in it.
-However, you don't do well when you're sick. You don't have a good tolerance for illness.
-You're one to try your hardest to appease your way out of punishment.
-You're very independent and self-reliant. You like to do things your own way.
-You're slightly territorial, and stingy of your possessions.
-You're mischievious and creative, and while those are good traits, they get you into trouble more often than not.
-You might have a fascination for horses.
-You're flexible, but you usually like to stick with familiar things you like.

[Stand up a little S T R A I G H T E R]
Your faults

-You don't care to get violent if someone ticks you off; you'd punch them in the face without a second thought.
-You can be a bit oblivious.
-You're very stubborn in the sense that no one is going to make you do something you don't want to do.
-Usually you just ignore them when they ask.
-You make your own double standards. You'd stand up for someone being victimized by something, and then go do what was done to them to someone else.
-Sometimes you just can't take no for an answer.

[And I like what I S E E]
You, overall

You're a rough and tumble person on the surface, that guy who wears a motorcycle jacket over his private school uniform. Not to say you're a delinquent, you just find ways to get noticed, often unintentionally. People know they can trust you to help them out, but they also know you're not one to be underestimated. People crave your company if for no reason other than the fact that you're entertaining and energetic, the real life of the party. You're like a scarf, keeping people protected and feeling awesome but also giving off that distinct "I'm unique!" vibe.


Full Name: Zoe

Settled Or Not: Settled (Dalmatian)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Brown


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