With eight seconds left in overtime.

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With eight seconds left in overtime.

Post by Tabitha on Mon Sep 21, 2009 12:20 am


Full Name: Tabitha Cray Estron or maybe Silver

Gender: Female

Birth Date:

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 5' 5"

About His/Her Family: She has two crazy parents, Aven and Cray, and a crazy big brother, Toby.

American Fuzzy Lop
American Fuzzy Lops, a wool-furred breed, are an active, playful, social breed with lots of personality. They enjoy the attention of their owner, as well as the companionship of other rabbits.
--The first thing people notice about you is probably your cuteness factor.
--You have a big personality and people are attracted to you because of this. And you don’t mind that at all!
--You’re quite social and very adapt at making friends
--You love attention.
--You hardly need a break from people...But no offense, people sometimes need a break from you!
--You're very outgoing.
--As far as playfulness goes, you may very well be the otter of rabbits.
--You get along with most everyone.
--You're not afraid to speak your mind.
--You hate to be ignored.
--Your work ethic could be better, but it's not the worst.
--You're athletic, or at least you appear to be. (It has been said that American Fuzzy Lops appear muscular)
--For all your talking, and love of a conversation, people might think you're a good listener. But the truth is, you'd rather carry the whole conversation than listen. (As lops, they of course have lopped ears. I interpret this in a person as a lack of listening skills and a bit of close mindedness)
--You take quite a bit of time getting yourself dressed and prepped for the day. (As a wool breed, Fuzzy Lops require a fair amount of grooming)
--It may be a struggle taming your hair, but once you do it is muy bonita~
--Some people may call you hyper, but you're really just chatty.
--(Male) As a person, you're pretty laid-back.
--(Female) You will make/are a good parent.


Full Name: Taffy

Settled Or Not: Settled (American Fuzzy Lop)

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Black


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