Use your mind and not your greed

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Use your mind and not your greed

Post by Norah on Fri Sep 04, 2009 11:31 am


Full Name: Norah Raeanne Greening

Gender: Female

Birth Date: December 3. 14 years old

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde with a slight red tint

Height: 5’3”

About His/Her Family: Her parents are Rhint and Lily. She two older sisters, Violet and Coraline.

Golden Retriever

Golden Ray of Sunshine
[ first impression ]
-Your incredibly affable nature and patient demeanor make you loved by all
-Seem like such a free spirit, with nothing getting you down
-Your temperament is your hallmark: easy going, spirited, polite, friendly, and dignified
-You are not a "one man" person and are generally equally friendly with anyone
-You're a popular individual, or at least adored by those who know you
-Any form of unprovoked aggression or hostility toward others, or unwarranted show of timidness or nervousness, is not in keeping with your character
-Particularly valued for your high level of sociability, calmness, and willingness to learn
-Naturally intelligent and biddable
-You exude confidence and charm
-Steady-tempered and dependable
-Renowned for your gentleness and patience with children, especially if you've dealt with well-behaved ones in the past
-With your striking, natural appearance and kindly temperament, you're both beautiful to look at and a joy to know; it's as though you've captured the warmth and beauty of the sunshine in your personality
-A well balanced, sound, and non-clumsy person
-Could be called the ideal companion when you consider all your traits
-Display a kindly countenance with an expression of straightforward affection and trust
-You are reliable, loyal, and trustworthy
-Slow to anger, quick to forgive
-People tend to take you in as a whole rather than nit-picking about any of your specific traits
-You're someone who makes a big impression and people are often left considering you when you're gone
-Optimistic and cheerful, you waltz about with a sweet disposition and your head held high; a dour mood is uncharacteristic of you
-Your confidence comes through by the way you carry yourself, and you appear strong and athletic, with a peaceful attitude and affectionate personality that is apparent in your very posture and how you interact with others
-By nature you're fun-loving and happy-go-lucky, so your perceived maturity may be less because of it
-Some would vouch that you're the sweetest, most intelligent person they'd ever want to know - the embodiment of beauty and brains
-Your lovableness is addictive; if people could clone you, they just might
-Known to be slightly more "teddy-bear like," implying that you're especially huggable and innocent (male retriever)

Everyone's Friend
[ interactions ]
-Very attached to your loved ones, and being alone causes you to become very sad and distressed; you want as much human contact as possible
-Seems everything you say is sweet; you never mean to harm someone with your words and take care not to
-Your trusting, gentle disposition makes it so your judgment isn't always reliable
-Get along with people from all walks of life
-Can be pushy with your affection; when you want attention, you're going to get it
-Very responsive to attention and will therefore do what you can to receive it
-You're fickle, and your best friend is whoever can garner your attention in that moment; that isn't to say you're disloyal - you simply have a heart big enough for many
-You're drawn to people in need, especially those who are ill or sad
-Tolerant of unfamiliar faces, and while you might make a big fuss over the new person (or be a tad belligerent on occasion), you're more interested in meeting and making friends than looking for a reason to dislike
-Do cute little things (though you see them as genuine favors) in hopes of approval
-You are firm and resilient should someone try to pressure you
-Not the protective type, but are more concerned with getting along with everybody than making someone feel affronted
-Need to interact with your people on a regular basis to be secure, and need this companionship even more so than some other dog souls
-You make an excellent companion, whether you're sitting quietly and patiently with a loved one, out having a fun romp, or in any other capacity
-Need to live with your loved ones, and would be unhappy separated from their presence; it is imperative that you be regularly included in group activities
-Your friends need to be able to give you the attention you require
-Your spirited greetings might put some offguard initially
-You can be a little naive, but it's endearing
-While your being sweet is part of what makes you so lovable, you find it is possible to be too soft
-Excitable and may easily become "too much" for someone who can't handle all that energy, even if it's well intentioned; your play is known to go too far, because whatever you do, you do with gusto
-Not typically a loud person, though you're more vocal when bored
-It doesn't take much encouragement to get you animated with utter joy and enthusiasm; to some it seems you're always in a bright mood
-Will uplift the spirits of anyone needing some sunshine in their life
-You're not wont to be an aggressor, though you will let your friends know "something is up" if you notice anything suspicious or warranting attention
-Despite your disarming appearance, you could 'pack a punch' if you ever deemed it necessary
-You're happiest as an integral member of a family
-Love to share all the fun you've had with your pals, even if they don't always appreciate your exploits
-Fail miserably if asked to take stern action against someone; you might get defensive, but when it comes down to brass tacks, you're more likely to give up or try to make friends than corner them or fight back
-Have a distinctly natural, unselfconscious, unrefined way about you that some might find offensive
-The least likely to get nasty or snappy than virtually any other dog soul
-Don't mean any harm in your regular manner of play, but it can easily happen if you're not careful
-Most unpleasant things roll right off you
-There's always the threat of you becoming extremely clingy (female retriever)

Take Me Out
[ living with you ]
-As a youth you had a clumsy way about you, as though you had difficulty focusing all your energy and not just being overwhelmed by it; you required plenty of vigilance and demanded attention more than you do now, and had an insatiable desire to play and goof off with anyone or anything; to put it plainly, you were a handful
-In childhood (if your immature brazenness has diminished) one minute you were immune to corrections, greeting the scolding with laughing eyes and giddiness, yet, when the person finally got angry, you were overly sensitive and fearful
-Eventually you turned the corner and became an adult, but even with this maturing you retain child-like characteristics: you love to be in the same room with your family (touching is ideal), and even the most dignified golden soul will occasionally dissolve into silliness
-As a child you liked playing rough and were good at tempting others into it
-Your solid-gold temperament enables you to work in the field all day, be a trusty companion on off-time, and serve as best friend and nanny to the entire family
-Generally calm and relaxed inside, but this turns to playfulness outdoors
-Ideally active and outgoing whilst being exceptionally patient, too
-Require a reasonable amount of exercise each day, be it a mental workout or actually going out and jogging, else you become restless and anxious
-Must have regular opportunities to vent your energy and do interesting things, otherwise you will become rambunctious and bored, and how you express this unhappiness is never good
-Have an inordinate love for certain things, approaching fixation
-Prone to overindulging in things if left to your own devices, or else get bogged down without sufficient challenges or activity
-Might feel naked without something to carry or fiddle with
-While you're recognized for your vitality, you're susceptible to a lot of ailments
-Your initial gruffness might deter a threat, until they realize you're all bark and no bite
-Can adapt to many different living conditions but require something to do and aren't content lounging around all day
-If left alone for long periods of time, you may become mischievous by means of occupying yourself
-May suffer from some form of separation anxiety, and at the least can't help moping when your friends are away
-Can be over-exuberant, rowdy, and distractible
-Will do okay in a smaller living space if you get a sufficient amount of time out of the house; you're moderately active inside and benefit best from regular periods of intense activity
-Simply put, you love your food Wink
-Particularly forgiving and will allow someone to make many mistakes while still wanting nothing more than to please and be acknowledged with a sincere gesture or two
-Robust individual who enjoys many activities, especially if it's with your favorite people
-Slow to mature mentally, and one could say you remain a 'child' for a long time, retaining a very playful and clownish personality for most of your life
-You're a versatile person who can be comfortable virtually anywhere
-Inactivity isn't your natural state, but if you let yourself slip into that routine you can easily spiral into unhealthiness, so it's best you embrace your energetic side and get adequate room and time to play
-Long-suffering of children, mannerly in the home, yet always ready to accompany anyone in their activities
-Enjoy the endless attention children provide, as well as having a high tolerance for those who aren't so well-behaved
-Even if not a big person, your presence tends to fill whatever space you're in; the combination of your enthusiasm, playfulness, and desire to be close to your loved ones makes you seem larger than you are
-To enjoy living with you one needs an uncluttered space (you'd wreak havoc in an already cluttered environment) and to be tolerant of a lot of activity in their house; if they prefer a calm, spotless, quiet house filled with beautiful, fragile items, you're not their ideal housemate
-You're naturally attracted to the Great Outdoors and are likely unafraid of getting a bit dirty (heck, plenty dirty)
-If bored with energy to burn you'll become hyperactive and prone to less desirable entertainment
-Might like to chew something when anxious, be it gum, an eraser tip, etc.
-Low maintenance and a relatively easy keeper; you don't need expensive things, just a lot of exercise and attention
-Excited by seemingly random things
-Leave tell-tale signs of your presence around the house
-Like help in creating fun games or interesting things for you to do that will keep you entertained and prevents you from becoming bored; without the aid of others you might fall into idleness

Work? This Is FUN
[ work ethic ]
-Show the wears of a hard worker; your job is part of you, because luckily what you're good at is what you love
-Enjoy nothing more than to do what you were 'made for'
-Have a compulsion to assist others and are happiest with a job that involves such camaraderie
-Enjoy having a job to keep yourself busy and to gain approval through
-Have an instinctive love for a certain activity that you take advantage of, preferably making it your main occupation
-Your versatility sees you employed in a variety of roles, and while you have specific talents (usually involving personal relations), they branch out into a lot of fields
-Can get really immersed in something without getting simultaneously weighed down by it, moving on quickly if need be
-A simple task can keep you occupied and entertained for hours, particularly if your favorite hobby is involved
-Noted for your intelligence and have a great memory; will remember what you learn for the rest of your life
-Love to work and have a keen ability to focus on a given task
-Will seemingly work until collapse, so care should be taken to avoid letting you overdo anything
-Very precise and skilled in your area of expertise; well-coordinated without ever stumbling over obstacles
-When working you don't seem to be at all cumbered, as though every motion is smooth and effortless
-Exceptionally trainable due to your smarts, energy, and desire to please, and excel in following instructions
-Can be very competitive
-Harsh teaching methods will generally cause you to shut down, so the more positive someone can be, the better; you're more sensitive than most and need clear, gentle but firm instruction, not excessive strictness
-Perfect for any job that requires a big heart, and are at your best when serving others
-Because of your great desire to please, capacity for love and learning, and steady, amiable temperament, you make the ideal gentle, thoughtful assistant
-Your gentle nature and loving ways also lend themselves to therapy work, should you pursue such an endeavor
-Thrive on vigorous exercise and always have more to offer when it's asked of you
-The traits which make you such a great working partner also make you ideal in more people-based occupations
-Increase in speed, for you, correlates with an increase in focus
-How you work or what you do while working is interesting even to the casual observer
-Known for being easy to teach thanks to your quick mind; you are excited to learn, and your high intelligence allows you to pick up new skills readily
-Whatever your foundation, you're a wonderfully versatile person
-Will dominate when it comes to obedience with your flashy animation, quick reflexes, precision, and intense desire to please
-Activities that incorporate endurance are ideal for you, what with all your energy
-Your perceptive eye is handy to have around
-Can be prone to tunnel vision when pursuing a goal, and will run over anything and everything in your path to achieve it
-Have a way of using your entire body when animated, or less literally, incorporating a lot of yourself into whatever you do
-Have decent problem solving skills
-Enjoy anything that gets you moving

Note: Remember not all goldens are alike, and there's room for variation in temperament. There are...
-Energetic retrievers and placid ones
-Hard-headed retrievers and sweet-natured ones
-Serious retrievers and good-natured goofballs
-Introverted retrievers and those who love everyone


Full Name: Nanook

Settled Or Not: Not settled, when she does though it'll be a golden retreiver

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Brown


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