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Leon Patrick Adler

Post by Leon on Thu Sep 03, 2009 4:41 pm


Full Name: Leon Patrick Adler

Gender: Male

Birth Date: September 22nd, age 16

Eye Color: Gray-blue

Hair Color: Dark brown

Height: 6'

About His/Her Family: He's got a mom named Katsa who's itty bitty, a dad named Alton who isn't, two twin older sisters named Kairi and Katsa, another older sister named Anniah, three brothers named Chance and Paxton and Emerson, and one younger sister named Rini.

- Highly adaptable
- Willing to try everything and anything
- You're more of an urban person- you like to head to where all the opportunities are
- Territorial
- You tend to be more tolerant of others when things are plentiful/you don't deal well with competition, and when things get competitive- you become territorial and prefer to find your 'own space'
- You like to have lots of variety in your life
- When you let your guard down, it has to be from a place you feel relaxed and safe
- You like to have a large space to call your own, and you can be very messy and untidy, perhaps you have organised chaos?
- you're supportive of your partner and you're children until they're ready to 'fly the nest'
- People often blame you for things that are simply not your fault
- People may find you depressing to be around, but your inner circle of friends understand you just the way you are
- You attack (possibly dislike) weakness in others
- Very timid
- Cautious
- You're very resourceful
- You often flinch quickly when startled
- You tend to flee if people start watching you closely
- You prefer to go unnoticed in life
- Opportunistic and practical
- Social with your family, more hesitant around those you don't know
- You can be quite vocal about your thoughts
- A scavenger
- You're very alert a lot of the time- always keeping watch for anything that may effect you
- Sometimes you can be a little greedy
- You believe in the philosophy; "one man's trash is another man's treasure"
- Perhaps you tend to make something out of nothing
- At times you can get a bit irritable
- You have a good eye for seeing potential
- People may look down on your actions, but you're proud to be who you are
- Affectionate to those close to you


Full Name: Lyrie

Settled Or Not: Settled (Australian raven)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Silver



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