Anniah Aeria Adler

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Anniah Aeria Adler

Post by Anniah on Thu Sep 03, 2009 3:53 pm


Full Name: Anniah Aeria Adler

Gender: Female

Birth Date: May 4th, age 17

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 5'8

About His/Her Family: She's got a mom named Katsa who's itty bitty, a dad named Alton who isn't, two twin older sisters named Kairi and Katsa, four younger brothers named Chance, Leon, and Paxton, and Emerson, and two younger sisters named Zoey and Rini.

-Small in stature, perhaps even dainty; you have a robust attitude that makes up for it; ‘big thing in a small package’
-Size does not deter you from anything
-People love to beautify you (physically)
-You like to look your best; however, you would be just as happy rolling around in dirt XP
- Some do not expect you to do anything but ‘sit there and look pretty’
-While you appreciate pampering, you hate to feel as though you are incapable of caring for yourself
-Feisty, sweet-natured, courageous, and mischievous are key characteristics of yours
-Total opposite of invincibility (but you think you’re ten-feet tall with titanium-steel bones XD)
-Accomplish whatever you set about to do
-If people don’t keep you in check, you could appoint yourself head-honcho
-Your diplomatic, self-assured nature makes it easy for you to persuade people to see things your way
(being down-right adorable doesn’t hurt either )
-Fearlessly take on any opponent, even if they are twenty times your strength
-Much more than a pretty face
-Stubborn and strong-willed; you know you’re right
-It is difficult to reprimand you; when you sense somebody is angry with you, you flee and come back when the ordeal has blown over
-Talkative; voice is hard to ignore and some would only describe you as…yappy XD
-Enjoy games of any sort
-A desire to work that lies dormant within you, until it is stimulated
-Often, people refrain from giving you hard work, either because they don’t think you can handle it, or because they hod you in such high regard
-You don’t mind doing less appealing jobs because having any job makes you feel more important
-A survivor; you can rough it out when you need to
-Devoted to all of your friends and family; not particularly loyal to just one person
-Either you welcome newcomers easily, or you’re avoidant and wary of them
-Quite possible for you to fight to the death over something of yours; very possessive
-Will put your high energy to almost any task
-Surprising endurance and agility
-Very intelligent
-Do anything you can to weasel yourself out of uncomfortable circumstances
-Popular; have a great amount of friends or admirers
-Enjoy close contact with your loved ones
-In fact, you one of your biggest fears to have to go away from people you are close to; must be reassured that you won’t be left alone for too long

Any Thing Else About Your Character We Might Need To Know:[background, ethnicity, etc.]


Full Name: Gino

Settled Or Not: Settled (Yorkshire terrier)

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Brown


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