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Paxton Alton Adler

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Full Name: Paxton Alton Adler

Gender: Male

Birth Date:

Eye Color: Gray

Hair Color: Blonde

Height: 5'8"

About His/Her Family: He's got a mom named Katsa who's itty bitty, a dad named Alton who isn't, two twin older sisters named Kairi and Katsa, another older sister named Anniah, two older brothers named Chance and Leon, one younger brother named Emerson, and one younger sister named Rini.

-You’re really good about rounding up the resources and information you need.
-You’re the type of person who seems like superman sometimes. You can do anything and everything.
-You’re never inexplicably angry and you don’t lash out without a damn good reason.
-You will only resort to violence as the last possible option.
-You manage your time and schedule well. You’re never stretched too thin or too stressed out from what you are doing and need to do.
-You hate the cramped lifestyle that comes with being in the city. You prefer the wide open spaces of the country and that’s where you can be found.
-You tend to get along with anyone and everyone with very few exceptions.
-You’re less work and more leisure these days.
-You have the much envied ability to think on your feet.
-Very street smart, though that doesn’t make you dumb in the class room.
-Going back to the violence thing, if someone threatens your family, you’ll give them hell.
-There aren’t many others like you and some have said that you seem to one of a kind.
-You can handle anything thrown at you and adapt to any situation.
-Because of the above, you do not fear change.
-You don’t mind children though they are not your favorite people to be with.
-Aggressive in actions or words only when provoked.
-You don’t seem to be afraid of anything and you’ll try anything once.
-Very independent, you need few people to help you through life. Once you have your mate and a small family, you’re set.
-Full of pride, you can’t easily ask for help.
-Very stubborn. If you feel you’re right in what you say/believe/want to do you won’t budge from your position.
-Often times you’ll take things into your own hands if you feel they have gotten out of control.
-You learn quickly and are the envy of all your peers.
-Very well-rounded, you seem to have a hand in everything.
-People say you have “an edge” because you are faster, sharper and able to think quickly and get good results.
-Very territorial, your stuff is yours. Your people are yours and your places are definitely yours.
-Very reserved around strangers, it takes you a long while to warm up to people.
-You can’t be in tightly confined spaces. Perhaps you suffer from claustrophobia.
-You’re the type who needs to keep an active mind and an active body.
-You aren’t above average high maintenance, just sort of regular.
-Extremely hardy, you’ve got an incredible immune system and you rarely fall ill.
-Very utilitarian, you’ll use anything you can get your hands on if it will work to your advantage.
-You have a distinct voice and are more bark than bite.


Full Name: Sadie

Settled Or Not: Settled (himalayan sheepdog)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Brown



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