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Full Name: Thursday Quincy Grace

Gender: Male

Birth Date: December 10th, age 18

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 6'

About His/Her Family: He had some kindly adoptive parents, although he doesn't live with them anymore. His biological parents were sexually abusive to him when he was little, but they're in jail now.

-You are good at copying other people, but you don't lack originality
-May have a talent for faking accents and learning languages
-You are not just good at copying, but combining to create your own style
-Extremely territorial
-Alert and energetic
-Very aggressive when it comes to defending your territory
-Very defensive of what is yours
-You're often seen as a pest
-Well known
-Although you're rather plain, you have a unique look
-You may not have incredibly striking looks, but you know how to get attention
-Kind of picky about your food
-You are good at communicating or maybe you just talk a lot
-Once you find a special someone you are faithful to them for life
-Mostly solitary
-Easy to fool in some ways and impossible to trick in others
-Occasionally bite off more than you can chew
-You like to stay in one place, but will move if you have to
-Full of surprises
-Probably considered a bit of an oddball
-People tend to have one of two opinions about you: The think your great, or they hate you

Any Thing Else About Your Character We Might Need To Know:[background, ethnicity, etc.]


Full Name: Aloysius "Losh"

Settled Or Not: Settled (northern mockingbird)

Gender: male

Eye Color: Black


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