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And it's sad...

Post by Declan on Sat Oct 10, 2009 9:23 pm


Full Name: Declan Sage Ramsey

Gender: Male

Birth Date: Feb. 9th

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 5' 10"

About His/Her Family: Only child, with just a daddy. But he loves him, and his dad loves him back. His dad has health problems (not mental, just health) so he lives with him to take care of him. He has a job and most of his money goes to the rent of their appartment and his dads medical bills.

First Impressions

Starts are not your best point. Perhaps you are a procrastinator, or
you aren't very good at first impressions. You can be impatient, but
you normally choose a "let's wait and see" way of looking at things.

◦ When
you were a kid, you were quite innocent, playful, and a very
people-oriented person. You might have been a bit of a loud-mouth as

◦ Although you've quieted down and "grown up", it's not
uncommon to see you "being a kid" again. "I never really grew up!"
might apply to you.

◦ If you are in an unhealthy mindset, you
will abandon all playing and child-like behavior, perhaps becoming too
uptight and no-fun due to stress or something big happening. You
didn't, and don't like change.

◦ There's something about you
that immediately attracts attention when you first meet people. This
isn't a big thing, but it's subtle. Perhaps you have an original style
of dressing yourself, how you wear makeup or how you style your hair.
Even perhaps the way you speak. It's not outlandish to the point of
being weird, but you have a certain "weird" factor about you. This
usually works in your favor, as people think that it makes you an
interesting person, although it may deter someone. You've been called
quirky before.

◦ One might think that you are a
high-maintenance person, or be particularly picky or high-class in your
mannerisms, but truthfully you don't require or ask for much out of the
ordinary. When you do receive this care, you positively shine.

You perhaps carry a lot of weight "on your shoulders" without realizing
it. Perhaps you count other people's problems-- those who are close to
you-- as your own.

In General
◦ People count on you not to change, and generally you uphold to this.

You're an introvert and need your alone time, but you are equally aware
that you need "your" people. You might be a very "touchy feely" person,
displaying your affection in a more tactile way. People love the way
you give attention, and generally they don't your lovey-doveyness
against you.

◦ You are a very curious person, and you always
want to know something that's going on around you, especially if
someone's going out of their way to hide it from you. You are very
in-tune with people, and the smallest thing can divert your attention.
It's easy for you to realize that something "isn't quite right" where
you are.

◦ You are a quiet person by nature, whether in that
you don't talk much or your voice is quiet, or both. You do raise your
voice if you'd like attention-- you don't like asking for what you
want, but you aren't afraid if you can somehow justify it.

◦ You are a hard worker at your
job, even if otherwise you have reputation for being an on-again,
off-again hard worker. People trust you to get the job done. When you
trust them and know your stuff, you generally do it swiftly and

◦ You are a very gentle person, and usually bond
yourself to a couple people, your "people." These could be family
members, friends, teachers, or strangers on the internet.(;D)

Combined with your low-maintenance attitude, you might not mind living
in a small apartment, a small little area to make just your own.

While you don't like your "environment" to change unexpectedly, as far
as where it is you don't particularly mind, but your "people" are your
staple. You are happy to wander and do your own thing if they're
nearby, but if they go it would be horrendous.

◦ Sometimes you
pride yourself on your independence and self-sufficiency, but you also
know that you would give into nerves and weakness if you were truly

◦ You are good at getting yourself over obstacles and
anything thrown in your way, even if it takes you a little while.
People might admire you for this.

◦ You are known and loved for
your compassionate, loving nature, and you make sure everyone has at
least a little bit of a soft-spot for you. While you don't march around
assuring yourself of this, you don't get on people's bad sides unless
you really mean business, and that's when the claws come out.

In almost a dog-like fashion, you like to amuse people around you, make
sure that "your people" are happy. You might not run around to their
every whim, but you make sure to include them in your lives and let
them know. You perhaps invite them out to lunch, or go to concerts with

◦ Your people are your world. You are easily
laze-around-the-house and let's-get-up-and-go at the same time. You
hold true to the statement "Cats are MPD with teef."

◦ You easily get lonely when you're left to your own devices for too
long. You are good at finding your own thing to do, but at the same
time need a friend or someone around. In an unhealthy situation, you
might grow to be paranoid or depressed if you're truly alone for too

◦ If someone wants to hurt you, you don't have much "blubber" to back up on; if they hit a nerve, it hits hard.


Full Name: Ebony

Settled Or Not: Settled (LaPerm Cat)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Gold


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