she's got style [lucas hope]

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she's got style [lucas hope]

Post by Lucas on Tue Oct 06, 2009 7:24 pm


Full Name: Lucas Hope

Gender: male

Birth Date: November, 25th, 1990

Eye Color: green

Hair Color: dark brown or light blond-brown. =]

Height: 5’6"

About His/Her Family: Lucas’ grandmother was very good friends with Henry’s grandmother, and the two women would take turns watching each other’s grandsons. So, being the young boys that they were, quickly established a tight friendship. Lucas’ familial situation was very similar to Henry’s, in that his mother had died when he was young and his father was never in the picture to begin with. So his grandparents took him. They loved him, treated him like a little prince, but made sure he could hold his own when he got into the real world, making it absolutely imperative that he get a job and help carry his own weight. It was a task he took on eagerly.

Personality: Lucas is a very hard worker. He loves the satisfaction of a job well done, and strives to be sure that all of his are up to the highest standards. Lucas was very eager to be able to help his grandparents out once he reached an appropriate age, so when they suggested he apply for a job, he went right out that afternoon and applied everywhere, landing a job at a coffee shop in Dahlin, which he loves for its coziness, and for all the cute, low-key clio that call that place home, if only for an afternoon.

Lucas is one of those clio who lives to keep his friends close. He is still extremely close to Henry, and would do anything for him. Now that they’re older, their conversations don’t revolve around boyish things, but more, older boy things. They suffer from something of a communication block, because when Henry wants to talk girls, Lucas wants to talk boys. They make up for it fairly well, though, because when Henry brings up a girl in conversation, Lucas will most obligingly hear him out, and give advice if it is asked for. And Henry courteously returns the favor.

Other than the few people Lucas is close too, he remains relatively outspoken. He loves to joke around with clio, liking to get their stamp of approval.

Any Thing Else About Your Character We Might Need To Know: Lucas likes boys, but is very shy around them, other than Henry.


Full Name: Imogene

Settled Or Not: settled

Gender: female

Eye Color: blue

n Lucas acts better alone. He gets work done better when he is left to concentrate solely on it, rather than the ideas over everyone around him. Which isn’t to say he isn’t respectful of others’ ideas, he simply likes to do things by himself and receive all the credit for everything he did, rather than fork some of the credit over to another group member who didn’t exactly do anything, or come up with that catchy slogan.
- In general, Lucas is extroverted. He loves to talk, and loves to be friendly with clio. He is something of a private clio though, not much a fan of PDA. He will, however, kiss you in public if he feels like it, or it is absolutely imperative. Or both. And he loves holding hands. (Who doesn’t? Best feeling ever.)
- Lucas is pretty outgoing. He has his days where he doesn’t want to talk to anyone, but he doesn’t bring his frustration to work, or out with his friends. On his days where he’s happy-go-lucky, he will talk to you until your ears bleed, or fall off. Or both. He’s pretty opinionated, but tends to mask his opinions with more speech, so they’re subtly in there, but you have to look for them. A lot of clio like him because they never find sour opinions in his speech. A lot of clio don’t put the effort in.
- Lucas is very careful when it comes to problems. Like I said, he is a perfectionist, so, he’ll spend hours working something out, dissecting it and piecing it back together until it fits just right. He is most certainly not the person to sit with a puzzle and clip the pieces so they fit together. It is either meant to go there, or it isn’t, and Lucas will be the one to find out which of the two it is.
- He is something of a follower. He’ll have his own ideas about something, but he’ll go with whatever is closest to his opinions, or where Henry goes. (Usually Henry doesn’t go, so Lucas is left standing beside Henry as they watch the throngs of very energetic and zealous clio march ahead for their causes.)
- Very fastidious. Almost to a point where it’s a bad thing.
- Lucas has an affinity with a coffee shop. It seems like he’s always there. And he’s warm and inviting like one. And cuddly, and such.
- I guess it’s best to say he works hardest at night, when he’s got his thoughts settled, but he works the best all day. Almost never missing a beat.
- Lucas is pretty popular among the people he wants to be with. If you asked some random clio on the street if they knew Lucas Hope, they’d probably say no, where if you asked about one of his few ex’s, Aven Silver, they would know exactly who you were talking about. =]
- Very optimistic. He sees everything as a sunny day with little clio running around in a park. =]
- Lucas would love to spend the rest of his life with Henry and their closest friends, but that rarely happens since Henry is friends with people that are friends with a lot of people, and for moral support, Henry brings Lucas along to help cope with the environmental stressors that come with having a large group of clio, who are, more or less insane.
- Lucas doesn’t really talk when he’s alone. He’s not the type to talk to himself. He doesn’t need to. When he’s with a lot of people, he’s outgoing. When he’s with Henry, he’s more laid back and honest. When he’s with people he’s got things for, he’s shy, and tries to joke.
- Nope, not at all hierarchical.
- Passive aggressive. Lucas will say what he’s thinking, masking it with something else, so if you really have to know what he’s thinking, you’ve got to look for it.
- He’s pretty talkative. He loves to hear his voice.
- Not territorial, though he’d prefer you left him what belongs to him. Especially the credit for his work.
- He’s pretty stubborn when it comes to his work. He likes to be sure that what he’s done is to his liking, standards, and his.
- Lucas is fairly independent. He doesn’t really need other clio to provide for him. He doesn’t like to be lonely, but the only time he’s truly alone are at nights when he’s sleeping. And there’s been one or two nights, when he wasn’t alone at all. Back when he was with Aven.
- He’s got a really cute dimple on the left side of his face.

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