are you locked up in a world planned out for you?

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are you locked up in a world planned out for you?

Post by Sparta on Tue Oct 06, 2009 5:31 pm


Full Name: Toby Sparta Silver

Gender: Male

Birth Date: September 20th, 1991, 18

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: medium brown

Height: 5'10

About His/Her Family: Aven and Cray's son. Lior and Arden's nephew. =]


In a nutshell... likable but anti-social, with a tendency to be possessive.

- You may be quite popular, or a lot of people like you because you have good qualities that others lack
- You may have a good memory, and be able to store information well
- You used to be very set in your ways, but others have probably opened you up to other possibilities...
- ... however, you still like to have a set routine.
- You possibly have lots of nicknames that occasionally cause confusion
- You're hardy and easy to please, but you do like to have your own space
- If you feel that somebody is "in your territory", you are known to attack with devastating effect; you may be very possessive and possibly prone to jealousy
- People think you're very useful, and you probably are in many respects
- You're independent and probably dislike, or are wary of, new people - in fact, you may be plain anti-social
- It could be said that your family tree is very interesting (this could also be taken to mean your past experiences)
- You're bigger than most of your relatives, OR you have the biggest presence: it's very obvious when you're in a room. This probably surprises most.
- Two Syrian hamster daemians may have some minor differences that are very obvious and make them seem poles apart, but upon further inspection they'll be very similar
- You work better in the evenings
- Maybe you like problem solving and "getting to the bottom things", or maybe just exploring
- You're very alert, and maybe have very good sense of sight or hearing
- It takes you a little while to get used to people, and new people can get you very stressed and upset
- You probably have a lot of energy but you may spend a lot of time just relaxing and doing nothing
- You probably dislike being disturbed
- People tinkering with your stuff is something you can't stand: your things belong to YOU, maybe you're a little selfish
- The majority of your friendships probably isn't lots of long-lasting close friends, and this suits you fine


Name: Lior [lol just kidding] it's Near

Gender: Male

Settled As: Syrian Hamster [Solas]

Eye Color: Black

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