Bailey Christine Flint

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Bailey Christine Flint

Post by Bailey on Thu Sep 03, 2009 8:38 am


Full Name: Bailey Christine Flint

Gender: Female

Birth Date:

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brunette

Height: 5’3”

About His/Her Family: She’s got a mom, a dad, two triplet sisters, and a little brother. Their names are Mewbry, Quinn, Maggie, Quinnling, and Soren.

- You have a shy or reserved nature.
- You give the impression of being refined or delicate.
- When it gets down to it, you can be a right little scrapper, and this shocks people.
- [male] You like to travel and meet new people.
- [female] You're a little uncomfortable when leaving familiar territory--you prefer to let others come to you.
- Simple as you appear upfront, you are far more complicated than others might suspect.
- A bright, vibrant personality that's hard to miss- though you can blend in, and only seek the spotlight to impress a select few.
- Are softer than people might initially expect you to be; you like to do the right thing.
- Something of an outcast, you aren't all that easily accepted by others.
- You have a way with words, though that way may be unclear or peculiar to others.
- Your words, verbal or written, are what tend to draw others to you.
- You have the capability to effect others verbally, though your communication may be muddled by your colorful nature.
- Over time, you have changed. You are still characteristically you, but you're a puzzle unto yourself.
- People don't really know what to think of you, and you are very unique.
- You can be finicky, possibly a neat freak, or at least a little "OCD".
- May come off as insensitive from time to time.
- Or hypersensitive.
- Carry yourself in an exaggerated way, tend to act a little dramatic. "Theatric".
- Extremely convincing actor/actress, it's both difficult and simple to suspect you.
- Can effect people in subtle ways, and while your impression might not be obvious... It is there.
- Excellent at invading people's comfort zones and knocking down walls, for better or for worse.
- Slow but excellent judge of people, can probe into them with little effort.
- Have a dark streak in you, a little bit two-faced.
- Wants to help people, cares about people- even if you're not that geat at showing it.
- Teaches others to live just a little bit better, though you don't look it you're the best friend everyone wants.
- Require balance in your life, or else you become notably unsettled.
- Either you care too much for something or too little, there is little balance.
- Patient, you are the sort to bide your time before striking.
- Have sufficiently more bark than bite.
- You don't really have any physical power to back you up, but you're clever and sneaky to make up for it.
- You are wounded easily, as you tend to put yourself in risky situations.
- Might have fairly weak arms, not terribly muscular.
- Small hands or feet.
- May be a lightweight.
- May have a special diet due to dietary needs, as well.
- Prefers a diet of similar foods, you're not really a picky eater but you prefer to go with what you know- as well as what is healthy.
- May have had an old name that suited you better, but your name now has come to define you.
- May have an interest in the occult, or other similarly peculiar things.
- Excellent at sniffing out the secrets of others or intellectual pursuits, almost ruthless once you decide you want to know more.
- You're the kind of person who likes to read in a dark corner; you're not claustrophobic, unless you are surrounded by people.
- See those of your gender as competition, or simply tend to find them too suspicious for your own tastes.
- Competitive; tend to be solitary aside from your very best friends.
- Like the best of everything, never settle for second best if it can be help.
- Would rather have something of quality rather than quantity.
- Make the best out of what you have, aim for quality and sophistication.
- You're not afraid to work hard for what you want.
- Your day is organised around your work.
- Temperature and weather does effect you. In colder days you are most active from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. In the summer, you make yourself comfortable and come out earlier in the day, and return to take care of buisness in late afternoon.
- More diurnal than nocturnal, you need your sleep, and there are more opportunities during daylight hours for you.
- You prefer the indoors to the outdoors, but you make your outdoor adventures special and worth your time.
- Grew up fast, but took you a while to get out and into the world.
- Are a bit overprotective/possesive of your loved ones, you look out for their safety.
- Have had to depend on your family growing up, for comfort or otherwise.
- You step away from your parents very slowly, but you venture out with success.
- Prefer small, comfortable homes that cater to their needs.
- Establish your own territorry successfully, don't appritiate any invaders unless you invite them.
- Heaven forbid anyone touch your stuff- your room is a very, very personal.


Full Name: Caleb

Settled Or Not: Settled (numbat)

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Green



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