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Lane Nolan Alexzander

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Full Name: Lane Nolan Alexzander

Gender: Male

Birth Date:

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Red

Height: 5’9”

About His/Her Family: He's got a gigantic family. A dad, Rowan, a step mom, Ria, a real mom, Alecis, and ten siblings: Chloe, Claire, Gage, Keiran, Lily, Addisyn, Dayton, Sophia, Allison, and Elliot.

Like many small feline souls, you're only noticeable when you want to be, but that's not too often--if you're going to the grocery store or riding the train, you're only there during off-peak hours. Crowds make you nervous; you absolutely need your personal space bubble or else you'll go insane. In fact, unlike a lot of feline souls, you are the type that DOESN'T want to be noticed for anything--it makes you feel vulnerable. Your small presence in a large crowd at a party is just fine for you. Perhaps you dress to blend in. But you can be reclusive to an extreme; sometimes you need to realize that it's okay to be noticed once in awhile.

You hide everything--things you should be proud of, and things you are ashamed of.

You like to take things slow, whether it's a relationship or a good book, wanting to savor every minute. You're the type of person to only read a chapter a day to make a good novel last longer.

You might be more of a city person, taking comfort in the fact that you can blend in wherever you go. Or the opposite might be true; that you're more of a country person and need those wide open spaces.

A down-to-earth person, you're more practical than anything else, and while you may be ruffled sometimes, your temperament is almost always even and calm.

You're good at picking up subtle messages; things that others might not hear or comprehend clearly, you do; this makes you a masterful observer. You're also good at keeping a level head in situations that others may find extremely uncomfortable and handling those situations with finesse.

You're an opportunist; you take everything you can get. You take more out of a situation or experience than most other people, sometimes to the point where you have them scratching their heads going "Where the hell did you get that from going to Auntie Jane's?" Consequently, you probably matured pretty fast.

You love getting to the bottom of things. If someone is upset, or if there is research to be done, you will do whatever you can to find the information necessary to satisfy you so you can help that person or complete that paper. You love asking "Why?" Sometimes you're too curious and analytical! Keep in mind that you can't always find an answer for everything and you must accept things as they are.

Like many feline souls, you're passive-aggressive. Most of the time you'd rather avoid a confrontation, but if provoked enough you'll lash out, no matter how tough or nasty the opponent is. People are often surprised that such words were capable of coming out of YOUR mouth. Actually, people are often surprised at what you have to say and contribute, little as it is. You only talk to people you want to (especially if he or she is cute ;3); you're never one to strike up or be engaged in random conversation. If it's someone you dislike, then, BUH-BYE! Also like many feline souls, your words tend to be blunt and to the point--flowery and overstatements annoy you.

You enjoy the simple things. Sunshine, good company, and a warm bed are all you really need to be happy. Forget that shiny new BMW or the latest fall fashions.

Because of your presence and your love of the bare necessities, people sometimes mistake you for a simpleton and will try to take advantage of you. In the past, perhaps you have been bullied or taunted because people view your presence as small and weak. In the past you have also been picked on for no apparent reason, but that only serves to make you stronger and more alert. You're super cautious when it comes to your turf, be it literally your house or figuratively like your ideas or work.

You don't do well under observation--you hate it when people watch over your shoulder as you're trying to do something.

You're a night owl.

You're extremely adaptable to sudden change. Moving to college, moving to a new house; it only takes a short time before you're calling it home. You know that as long as you have yourself, you'll be fine and can get through any situation.


Full Name: Lana

Settled Or Not: Settled (sand cat)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Amber



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