Tac needs a psycho

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Tac needs a psycho

Post by Miles on Mon Sep 28, 2009 10:27 pm


Full Name: Miles Marshal Deemer

Gender: Male

Birth Date: January 1st, age 18

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Dark brown

Height: 5'10

About His/Her Family: His father killed his mother, and then killed himself. In front of Miles. When he was eight years old.


- Adaptable to new and changing situations.
- Adept at anything you put your mind to.
- Don't belong to any one social group, but can change to fit in anywhere.
- Have a bad habit of ignoring people or pretending to listen to them - not on purpose, but your attention wanders when you're not interested.
- Your fashion choices are drab but crisp and professional.
- Not interested in putting on a show or attracting attention.
- Others see you as an intense, intelligent person.
- Hide your weapons and modes of anger with a disarmingly benign cover.
- A visual and audio learner.
- Acutely aware of your surroundings.
- Inflexible and stubborn when it comes to your opinions and points of view.
- Able to see things from another's perspective, but do so stiffly and with your own views heavily influencing.
- Can hear the words that people are not saying, their true meanings; a master of reading between the lines.
- Can see right to the heart of a difficult problem, even when the details are murky and confused.
- Independent and are inclined to take offers of help as insults.
- Your great powers of observation enable you to predict when danger is coming - leading to a misconception that you can see the future supernaturally.
- Quite logical and a lover of knowledge.
- Your attitude is serious but more often than not results in a silly professor image.
- Though dignified and self-serious, you're not above cutting loose and being absurd once in a while.
- Have a tendency to jump the gun in romantic relationships.
- See romance as a partnership, where both contribute equally and with similar effort.
- Support your partner and expect them to do the same.
- Woo people with your humor and words.
- Your humor is dry and sometimes doesn't make sense to others, and you love to exaggerate things.
- Not afraid to build on the work of others.
- Take advantage of resources around you to build something new.
- May have been very dependent and respectful towards your parents (and are still close to them); or, if you have children, you are/will be very involved in their lives and close to them.
- As an adult, you will find one path in life and stick with it.
- Dislike moving or traveling for long distances.
- You have an intimidating nature that keeps you from most arguments and fights, as no one wants to tangle with you.
- When you are in a fight, it will likely be with someone equally powerful and the outcome will be "bloody" (not...necessarily physically xD).
- See most people as too low to bother with.
- Hierarchical - you're at the top. 😉
- Have problems with arrogance and patronizing others.
- Your interests or hobbies are unusual and possibly frightening to the small-hearted.
- Predatory and practical about it: to succeed, others must fail.
- You're often around and listening without being noticed.
- Can become practically invisible when you want to.
- Not a picky eater.
- Know when to save things for a later time.
- To be frank, you're a dangerous person when you're pissed off. Your temper is incredibly fierce and hard to bank, and if you can't control it you can tear someone to shreds.
- Will do <i>anything</i> to protect your family.
- You seem to hear certain people better than others (perhaps your brain is more attuned to particular voices or sounds).
- Not very talkative, but everyone knows your voice.
- When you speak, it's to say something important or relevant; idle chitchat is not your game.
- Have a distinct look that's all your own; not confused with others.
- Described as being catlike.
- Though slightly moody, you're sturdy and not prone to whims or wild fancies.
- Have an appreciation for kitsch. Very Happy
- Skeptical.
- A pessimist.
- Rational and clear-headed about politics and global implications.
- Have gathered the enmity of certain types of people who know you for disliking or picking on them. (Mobs of crows have been known to taunt and harass great horned owls, as they are the most important predator of adult and nestling crows.)
- Don't care about your reputation.
- Speak your mind despite the consequences.
- Powerful and confident in your own abilities.
- You eat Quill! D: (No, just kidding. Great horned owls DO attack porcupines, though.)
- Willing to tackle any situation, even the big or prickly ones.
- Work best by yourself, or occasionally with a partner; groups or teams only hamper you and make you less efficient.
- Like to spend most of your time alone; your hobbies are also solitary ones (reading, writing, studying, etc.).
- An introvert, but willing to talk and interact with people. You just need lots of your own time.
- Though not necessarily popular, most people know you by sight or reputation.

Any Thing Else About Your Character We Might Need To Know:[background, ethnicity, etc.] His traumatic past drove him insane. Now whenever he sees happy clio with nice lives, he has an uncontrollable urge to destroy them, one way or another.


Full Name: Serendipity

Settled Or Not: Settled (great horned owl)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Gold


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