Is this all we get to be absolute

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Is this all we get to be absolute

Post by Lluvy on Mon Sep 28, 2009 5:31 pm


Full Name: Lluvy (U-vee) Katrina Malone

Gender: Female

Birth Date: Dec. 25

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Naturally brown, but always dyed a different color

Height: 5' 5"

About His/Her Family: She has parents that she loves, but she moved out almost as soon as she settled because she likes to be independent

✥ You have a very mixed reputation.
✥ You're widely known as bold to the point of fearlessness.
✥ You often seem innocuous at first glance, which belies your huge influence on the people you've met, positive and negative.
✥ You can easily be described as charismatic, though acerbic enough to have plenty of enemies.
✥ One of the first things you impress on others is often your energy and intellect.
✥ You're the kind of person to surprise people who know you well on a daily basis.
✥ You're flexible in your social habits, but more extraverted overall.
✥ You prefer to live life in the thick of things.
✥ You're not uncomfortable in a crowd, though you're normally found in smaller gatherings of people.
✥ Your social groups are really quite loose and fluid. You're quite a group-hopper.
✥ You're a loud and talkative person.
✥ You need a certain amount of personal space and you don't tolerate trespassers.
✥ You're very frisky, though you often play rough.
✥ You have a core group of close friends, and then you have "everyone else".
✥ You're a highly expressive person with a massive range of beloved phrases, tones and gestures.
✥ You can be very sweet and friendly, and you can also be harsh, coarse or fierce, when you want.
✥ You make acquaintances easily and regularly, though your close friends are rarer.
✥ Adaptability is your middle name. You can fit in anywhere, though not necessarily to everyone else's benefit.
✥ You're pretty quick on your feet and may have a reputation for your wit.
✥ You have your favourites and you're so enthusiastic about them that they really define who you are.
✥ You're something of a free spirit and grate under instruction and reprimand.
✥ You're highly aggressive. You can unnerve others with your sheer tenacity.
✥ You tend to react to stress by becoming nervous and sarcastic.
✥ You're a quick and eager learner.
✥ If you're treated with respect and kept stimulated, you can behave yourself.
✥ You can be quite methodical.
✥ You're not at all disinclined to avoid stepping on the toes of others.
✥ It could be said you work well with others, but it would be more accurate to say you work well off others.
✥ You're generally easily distracted and don't multitask particularly well.
✥ While inventive and witty, you generally learn best through mimicry and repetition.
✥ You have a lot of difficulty containing a good mood.


Full Name: Romeo

Settled Or Not: Settled (Indian Myna)

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Brown


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