Quinn Mewbry Flint

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Quinn Mewbry Flint

Post by Quinnling on Thu Sep 03, 2009 7:53 am


Full Name: Quinn Mewbry Flint

Gender: Female

Birth Date:

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brunette

Height: 5’3”

About His/Her Family: She’s got a mom, a dad, two triplet sisters, and a little brother. Their names are Mewbry, Quinn, Maggie, Bailey, and Soren.

They maintain a professional and friendly public attitude, and find that hard to dismantle even if they try. People generally find them approachable and charismatic. To their friends, they become more blunt. They have a wide circle of acquaintances, but only a few with whom they connect deeply. They love talking to their friends and associates, but most often prefer deep discussion to frivolous small talk.

Coati people don’t tend to keep secrets, but are good at doing so if they have to.

They also have a tendency to be packrats, and are fiercely territorial about their possessions as a whole.

Coati people can sometimes be mischievous, and have a great sense of humor. They take the weaving of silly and serious moments together as a form of art. Not to say that they are irreverent – they know perfectly well how to be straightforward and when messing around would be inappropriate.

While they are adaptable, like a bit of traveling, and won’t be too bothered by the introduction of an entirely new life situation and schedule, coati people love to be at home and prefer to have a daily routine.

Coati people have a great love for their fellows and find misanthropy difficult to understand. Individual skirmishes may occur, but they rarely harbor actual hatred towards any person, considering it not only a waste of energy, but also foreign to their attitude on life.

Speaking of it, coati people will agree most readily with the idea that life is what you make of it. They are not blind to the difficulties that life can throw to people, but out of a mixture of determination, adaptability, and their trademark easygoing-ness, they can handle life even at its worst.

They may bottle up feelings that would lead to too much drama for their taste. As a result, they may be carrying around a lot of inner pain without acknowledging it. When they do, it most often is with a neutral face: the listener is more likely to emote than the coati person him or herself. On the other hand, if they do not find a neutral outlet, such as writing, coati people will have a tendency to blow up at inappropriate moments.

Coati people are focused workers. They generally produce good work, but occasionally their drive towards a goal can lead to skirting around the edges of details. That said, they are great at juggling multiple tasks and move easily between seeing the details and the big picture of a situation. They love to be lazy as well, but have trouble switching between their “lazy” mindset and their “working” mindset.

They are highly self-aware and rationalize situations with great speed. They can become frustrated if the people around them are not as quick on the uptake. They can also sometimes become pedantic and focused on details that are utterly meaningless to others (example from my life: an obsession with learning about how animals have evolved).

Coati people occupy the space between Alpha and Beta personalities. They make practical and personable leaders with much willingness to compromise, but may take on too much of a workload if they feel that those working under them are not doing a good job. They are also happy to work under a good leader.

If you have a male coati daemon, this indicates a tendency towards submissiveness in romantic or sexual relationships, but your personality may make people expect that you are dominant (and you will be when it comes to other matters). You may be especially interested in a polyamorous lifestyle.

Male coati people (again referring to the gender of your daemon and not your own) prefer the company of people who are more similar in personality than different. While they function well solitarily, and need a great amount of time to themselves, they can become lonely easily, and will seek out new people to connect with.


Full Name: Gingersnap

Settled Or Not: Settled (white-nosed coati)

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Gray



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