I'm giving you all of me

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I'm giving you all of me

Post by North on Fri Sep 25, 2009 12:48 am


Full Name: North Wesley Talent

Gender: Male

Birth Date:

Eye Color: Greenish blue

Hair Color: Light brown

Height: 6'

About His/Her Family: His mom and dad are Cameron and Mason. He has a younger brother named Daire. :3

You are limitedly social. You prefer to get together with friends when it comes to frequenting your favorite haunts (which aren’t as numerable as people would think would be necessary to entertain a group your size, probably because you all work alone with independent interests, which knocks some pressure off when you all come together as a group) and for dealing with interpersonal issues, while you prefer to perform actual work on your own. This is because you only take on small loads that don’t require (and may even be unsuitable for) more than one person. You like to research the heck out of a problem or assignment to understand it and fully charge after it until you have the perfect solution.

Even with your low ambitions in that sense, though, you plan for the future and like to save bits and things for future use. You’re quite possibly a bit of a pack-rat, and/or you have a habit of stopping on projects and returning to them when you’re more ready to work on them again.
You're also a little opportunistic, and resourceful.

Although you primarily work alone, you might turn to your friends for help on larger, more difficult projects.

You’re quite close with your friends and family. (Optionally numbered maybe between three and thirteen? It’s also might be that your group is prone to one gender more than another, almost to a 2:1 ratio.) You have a strong sense of hierarchy, and you expect the leaders to take extra responsibilities (and privileges) that underlings do not possess. However, everyone in the system participates when it comes to group activities, and often the less dominant members of the hierarchy make take on part of the leader’s responsibilities during these communal occupations. They may even forsake their own interests to do this, for the well-being of the pack. (Perhaps your group activities occur in stages?)

Body language is important to keep your group peaceful, and you’re probably very good at reading it. Likewise, you’re sure to let those around you know that you know your place, whether it be above or below them. If your daemon is male, you’re more likely to be more flexible in your place, moving up or down more often than if your daemon was female. You let people know when they’re not welcome and you’re a vocal person who enjoys all sorts of communication methods.

However social you may be, though, you are sparse when it comes to sightings. You’re not particularly adept at responding to attack, and this hinders you. However, more people care about you than you probably think and people may try to intercede for you on your behalf.

You tend to stick with people you’ve always known, preferring old friends to new ones. Often, this is because you can’t really seem to find an opportunity to strike out on your own or switch up your friends. If your daemon is female, you’re more likely to try, though, and as a result you might get caught outside any group, if you’re not careful. However, you don’t like to date within your group – romantic relationships are better left outside the ‘friends’ category, in your opinion. (Unless, that is, you’re one of the more leader-ly members, in which case you are much more likely to date one of your closest friends without drawing a distinction.) When in a relationship, you’re very affectionate and playful, particularly if your daemon is female. You might tend to be a little jealous, too, feeling hostility to anybody you feel could be a potential competitor.

You and your group like to let people know where you stand in relation to everyone else. You’re a little cliquey this way, preferring to keep outsiders out so there isn’t too much dissonance within your own group. You do not appreciate people in your space, either; territorial.

You seem to have a collection of nicknames, or at least a variety of general ideas people have about you. While you might resemble these impressions, you’re actually a little farther off the mark than those trying to understand you would guess. However, the better they get to know you, the more they see you for who you are, rather than what you appear to be.


Full Name: Neo

Settled Or Not: Settled (Ethiopian Wolf)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Black


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