We're slaves to the DJ and out of control

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We're slaves to the DJ and out of control

Post by London on Mon Sep 21, 2009 1:10 am


Full Name: London Rose Walsh

Gender: Female

Birth Date:

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 5' 3"

About His/Her Family: Her mom and dad are Riley and Issy. She has two older sisters, Hallie and Hayden, and a little brother named Neville.

*For one, you are a social little fellow. You love company.
*Aggressive to the same gender. (Male)
* Get along with everyone. (Female)
* You’re small, but you are surprisingly robust
* You are generally a ‘good’ person, but when someone scares you, you can lash out.
* You’re not especially high maintenance, and this makes you pretty popular
* You’re not picky with your food, and a lot of other things, pointing back to the ‘low maintenance’ point.
* You are a rodent soul, which means you are also very energetic.
* You can have moments of small feebleness, but also moments of
“BACK OFF CUZ I’M BIGGER THAN YOU!” A.K.A… You range in size.
*If you trust someone, you will be much bolder with that person.
* You need people to be gentle with you
* Have a curious nature, and your personality often draws people to you. (Male)
*Agreeable and more popular than the male for some reasons. (Female)
* Somewhat independent, but you need to be guarded to avoid getting hurt.
* Some larger than you will take advantage of you because of your size.
* You are easily intimidated by these people
*You grew up really fast. You may be mature for your age.
*You always seem to be ‘running out of time’. This makes you seem really busy a lot.


Full Name: Lazer

Settled Or Not: Settled (Fancy Mouse)

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Black


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