Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat

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Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat

Post by Saffron on Sun Sep 13, 2009 12:42 pm

Full Name: Saffron Lucine Marquee

Gender: Female

Birth Date: July 1st, seventeen years old.

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black with blonde streaks

Height: 5'4

About His/Her Family: Her parents were neglectful drug-addicts who never took care of their three kids; Saffron, the oldest; her sister Tamara, two years younger; and their brother Sage, three years younger than Tamara. Finally someone noticed the neglect and had the three taken away from their parents. Tamara and Sage both got adopted, but Saffron lived out the rest of her childhood in the orphanage. None of the siblings have seen each other in since they were separated years ago.

-You may have been described as beautiful; your look is your own.
-Small, but stocky looking.
-Despite your size you may come across as vicious/intimidating.
-Body language is a big part of how you communicate with others. People can often tell what mood you are in before you even speak to them; your body language says it all
-You’re never too far from what you need to survive.
-You don’t have a problem living near others.
-Maybe you like where you live to be hidden from sight, or where you know people can’t get to it or access you.
-Cover is essential to you; you need a place to “hide away” in. This is not to say you are hiding from anybody, you just need a place with cover to retreat to.
-You like to live near water, or maybe dockyards.
-Damp climates are your favourite places to be.
-You’re very secretive. You keep yourself to yourself.
-As long as it’s worth it, you don’t mind sitting and waiting for something to come to you. However if what you seek doesn’t come to you, you have no problem actively chasing it until you get it. You’re persistent.
-Very patient.
-Once you have what you want in your possession you don’t let go.
-Hardworking, if you can see the benefit in it for you.
-Incredibly vicious when provoked, you are not afraid to attack anybody. Even if they are 2/3 times your size.
- Taking on “gangs” doesn’t bother you either; you can easily drive them away. Numbers don’t phase you.
-People know not to mess with you, they will lose.
- Brave, sometimes insanely so.
-Quite solitary, you like to have others near you and don’t mind the odd bit of physical contact. However you are rarely found in groups.
-Prefer to take on tasks alone. Working in groups just doesn’t do it for you. Why group up when you can do it alone?
-You’re blunt and to the point. You are not afraid to tell others exactly what you think of them.
-You don’t mind children. However you would expect your “other half” to pitch in with the kids.
-Very ferocious. There was once an incident in which a Zoo’s large male fishing cat broke out of its enclosure. It then got into the leopard’s enclosure and fought to the death with the poor creature. The leopard was left slaughtered on the floor.
-You can see everybody as a potential target.
-You like to keep people guessing.
-Maybe you are quite “mysterious” not many people know how you live.
-Sadly, not many people know of you. That suits you just fine, it’s the way you like it.
-You can easily “fade” into the background when you want to.
-You certainly know how to stand your ground; you won’t be pushed around by others.
-Maybe you find it hard to trust people.
-Not afraid to challenge authority.
-If you are to leave where you live it’s due to lack of food or space. You’re not the type to be driven out.
-Others may perceive you as placid at first glance.
-You often find that newcomers to your small circle of friends are intimidated by you. You chose to get respect through fear.
-You need stimulation of you become bored quickly.
-Blood and guts don’t bother you in the slightest.
-You have one subject in which you really excel, far about you peers.
-Incredibly driven; you always get what you want.
-You may have had a sheltered childhood.
-You’re constantly on your guard, always ready to attack. Weather it be to defend yourself or your friends you’re always up for a good scrap.
-You use your environment to get what you need. You could be said to manipulate your surroundings.
-You have one particular favourite food.
-However if this is not available you will happily eat anything in the surrounding area. If it’s convenient you’ll eat it, and lots of it.
-You’re not above scavenging.
-You keep those you care about sheltered from anything that could cause them harm.
-Takes active interest in children.
-May have more than one love interest at any given time.

Any Thing Else About Your Character We Might Need To Know:[background, ethnicity, etc.] Sometimes is forced to go o extremes to make ends meet.


Full Name: Sapphire

Settled Or Not: Settled (fishing cat)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Green



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