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Shiloh A. R. B.

Post by Shiloh on Tue Sep 08, 2009 1:52 pm

Full Name: Shiloh Adam Rowan Beckley

Gender: Male

Birth Date: April 2nd, age 16

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Red

Height: 5'10

About His/Her Family: His mom is Claire (gasp) and his dad is Noah, and his twin sister is Jaida.


-Known for being very easygoing.
-Very calm, it takes a lot to get you worked up.
-Eager to learn, you strive to excel in the toughest situations you come across.
-You have a good baby-sitter type personality. You’re very good with kids and know how to treat them.
-You need constant mental stimulation or you’ll get too bored and refuse to work. If it’s not challenging, why bother?
-You may be shy and skittish in unfamiliar situations or with strange people.
-You’re very good about picking up on abnormalities in behavior.
-People may show prejudice against you based purely on the way you look. (I’d associate this with cliques and stereotypes in a high school setting.)
-Very courageous, you’ll protect your loved ones from ANYTHING that may harm them.
-Self confident; you are very sure of yourself and who you are and people respect you for it.
-You’ve been known to be a very loyal friend.
-Extremely intelligent; many would place you at the top.
-You absolutely love when you can spend time with those you care about. To you, the closer you are to them, the better.
-Sound. You aren’t known for being calm one moment and rowdy the next.
-Very good at problem solving. You seem to have an innate sense of what to do to finish as fast as possible but do the best you can.
-You need the open air. Big cities and maybe even highly developed suburban areas make you feel a bit claustrophobic.
-You’re known to have a warm heart and for being very much a people person.
-Very protective of things you deem yours (whether those be people, places or objects.)
-You definitely feel the need to be top dog, so to speak, and you’ll do what you can to get there.
-People describe you as being energetic, friendly and an absolute joy to be around.
-Your teachers have probably always loved you.
-Very outgoing; shy is an unknown word in your vocabulary.
-You live to please.


Full Name: Angel

Settled Or Not: Settled (Shiloh shepherd)

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Blue



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