The Ever Changing World of Amelia

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The Ever Changing World of Amelia

Post by Alecis on Wed Sep 02, 2009 6:15 pm

The people of Amelia are called "clio." These clios have what are called Eilemaiden, more commonly known as elements. These Eilemaiden are as follows:

Aite [solar]
Adhbhar [earth]
Cuir [air]
Deilig [darkness]
Dian [metal]
Earalas [fire]
Solas [light]
Ughdarras [water]

Each clio belongs to one Eilemaiden, which they choose when they come of age. When they are young they belong to all eight. Each clio has a certain amount of control over the Eilemaiden they belong to. For example, an Ughdarras clio has telekinetic control over water. However, this control is limited. Again for example, an Adhbhar clio could not lift a boulder with their mind that they couldn't physically lift. Same goes for all the Eilemaiden.

They are also immune to their own Eilemaiden. An Ughdarras clio cannot drown, an Earalas clio cannot be burned, et cetera.

Anybody remember pokemon? That nifty little system they used? Like rock beats scissors, water beats fire, you know the drill. Anyways, Amelia also has a system like this. It goes as follows:



Everyone familiar with the concept of daemons from Philip Pullmans series, His Dark Materials, should get this next part quite easily.

In Amelia, every clio has something called a daemon. A daemon is basically your characters soul, in animal form. While your character is young, the daemon can change shape. It can be any animal your character needs or wants at any specific time. For example, if your character feels shy, their daemon may become a mouse hiding in their clothes, but if your character feels proud of something, their daemon might become something regal, such as a snow leopard. When your character comes of age their daemon will settle into one form and no longer be able to change. This is because your character finally has a settled personality. When you are a child, your personality changes as you grow, which lets your daemon change form. You don't know who you are as a person yet. But when you come of age, you finally know who you are.



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