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Full Name: Quilliam "Quill" Riley Scones

Gender: Male

Birth Date: July 30. 19 years old.

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blond

Height: 6'

About His/Her Family: His momma is Julie, his daddeh is Kaiden, and his little siblings are Jillian and Chase.

-Terrestrial, prefer both feet planted firmly on the ground
-Picky about your sort of home, if nothing appropriate can be found, you’ll make something yourself
-Don’t mind going it rough
-Warn others you mean business before starting a fight
-Agile and athletic, either in body, mind, or both
-Can be quite blunt
-Invest a lot of time and energy in your projects
-An active participant right from the beginning
-Reported as being long lived
-Sociable, and deal best in a group of 4 to 8
-Happily share resources amongst your family
-Prefer to be alone when eating
-Work better alone, but prefer to rest with friends
-Work best at night
-Highly adaptive
-Able to move with the times, and adapt quickly to a new home or hobby if the old one isn’t working
-Extremely cautious and quiet outside your comfort zone
-Move quickly, especially to avoid trouble
-Protected from most by your defensive capabilities
-Contribute significantly to your environment, and any absence of yours is strongly felt
-(Female) Aggressive with anyone who tries to come on to you
-(Male) Good at appeasing angry prospective mates


Full Name: Sharpe

Settled Or Not: Settled (Asiatic Brush-Tailed Porcupine)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Black


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