This is the police speaking, this club is closed, forever

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This is the police speaking, this club is closed, forever

Post by Dorian on Fri Sep 04, 2009 11:14 am


Full Name: Dorian John Flint

Gender: Male

Birth Date:

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Height: 6'

About His/Her Family: Another huuuuge family. He has a dad, Quinn; a mom, Lumi; two older brothers, Lil Quinn and Keegan; a twin brother, Cedric; two older sisters, Julie and Christine; a younger sister, Emmeline; and some weird extended family members, but we won't get into that today.

Skinny Pig
[Hairless guinea pig]

+ Extremely affectionate (loving) and endearing, you're known for your great, bizarre personality.
+ That lovely temperament is something people often comment upon.
+ Can seem coddled - an unhealthy skinny soul would probably be a bit of a spoiled brat.
+ "Irritable and intolerant of others" being another unhealthy skinny trait.
+ You give an impression of being a little bit strange, but definitely harmless (though some may frown quietly at your odd little habits).
+ To be your friend is seen as being a symbol of status; or you're sought after or seem to find yourself "in demand"; or you "move in higher circles".
+ You develop problems easy (as in you're easily troubled), so people should take special care not to upset you or knock you off balance.
+ You're easily embarrassed and very sensitive. Things which don't bother other people really seem to get to you.
+ You love it when people take the time to lavish extra attention on you.
+ Sociable (outgoing), vocal, excitable - "feisty and fun".
+ Often singled out or targeted. ):
+ You don't deal with stress and pressure well at all. You also don't deal with extreme situations, opinions, or people well, either.
+ Not tough or resilient, and especially liable to get upset at getting the cold shoulder and the silent treatment.
+ Very easy to get along with, your personality is not abrasive in the least.
+ A nervous little character, needy and scatter-brained.
+ It's very clear when you're upset.
+ Tire easily (maybe physically, or maybe you tire of working or of people quickly) and require a lot to keep you going.
+ Your friends find that you require a lot of their time and a lot of stimulation.
+ You find that a lot of your projects tend to fail.
+ Not good at conserving your energy (or budgeting money).


Full Name: Darcey

Settled Or Not: Settled (Skinny Pig)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Black


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