Alright partner, keep on rollin' baby, you know what time it is

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Alright partner, keep on rollin' baby, you know what time it is

Post by Bo on Fri Sep 04, 2009 11:02 am


Full Name: Bo Roburt Bradley

Gender: Male

Birth Date: December 15. 18 years old.

Eye Color: Dark blue

Hair Color: Black

Height: 5'5"

About His/Her Family: His parents are Keiran and Emia. He has a twin sister, Bella, who looks nothing like him, and four younger siblings Knox, Rumor, Aleariah, and Liam.

Saltwater crocodile or estuarine crocodile, Crocodylus porosus

The crocodile soul
- You're not exact a delicate flower. You're tough as nails and damn proud of it.
- Not much gets under your skin. People have little impact on you, whether they're out to harm you or praise you.
- You don't like being the butt of anyone's jokes. You become impatient with light-hearted teasing rapidly.
- Calling you a gentle giant would be incorrect, because you know how to use your power to injure others, but honestly most of the time you are the most laid-back person in existence.
- You're not easily frightened, but it might be an exaggeration to call you brave.
- You usually go with the flow, letting things happen as they may, but when it comes to really important projects, you do plan in advance.
- You are the king, queen and emperor of slumming it. You're the kind of person who can survive months on baked beans and toast.
- You get a lot done all at once, at the very last possible moment.
- To most people you seem laconic or merely incomprehensible, but among your friends and colleagues you're respected for your articulate use of language.
- On the whole you're more indifferent to socialising than anything. You enjoy socialising but you also require plenty of space.
- You're not spiteful. If someone's well-informed, you won't bitch them out without reason. You respect wisdom where you see it and take advantage of stupidity when the chance arises.
- You're a lurker. You wait in silence and then pounce on a opportunity when it comes your way, if you're interested in the topic at hand. If you aren't, you simply won't show up.
- Your reputation as a thug is totally wrong. You're intelligent and self-aware, in fact, and don't have trouble getting on with others.
- No matter how far you go, you never lose perspective and you never forget the little things.
- You're proudly self-reliant and you do whatever it is you want to do without bothering too much about getting help, though you may be rather fond of a strong teacher or parent figure to guide you when you err.
- You have a field of expertise, as everyone knows. But your talents extend beyond expectations.
- You're feared and revered for your dominant strength of character. You seem totally indomitable.
- You tend to have precise timing.
- You don't have trouble socialising, but you don't form strong bonds, usually. The interactions you have can get intense anyway.
- Your slothfulness is usually viewed as patience awaiting passing opportunity, when in fact... you're just that lazy. You need a lot of downtime in order to achieve the explosive heights.
- You are a huuuge presence. But you have a capacity for subtlety that is well-appreciated. Actually, people are probably more frightened when you're whispering than when you're yelling.
- [male] You don't have a lot of dedication and tend to start things then give up or wander off.
- [female] You finish what you start. In fact you really nurture your projects.
- [female] You're something of a traditionalist. Maybe you're an real gentleman, a feminine young lady or a happy housewife.
- [female] You're a fiercely protective individual. You defend your loved ones wildly.

Unhealthy traits
- You become inhinged in the most frightening way possible. You are the twisted grin that beckons innocents to slaughter. For someone so brutally powerful, your sneakiness in getting what you want is beyond devious and into frightening.
- The calm before the storm is the one opportunity they get to run. When you're a little pissed off you flail about and snarl; when you've got murder on your mind you're the picture of calm relaxation.
- Normally, you don't show remorse. When pushed far enough, you don't feel it either. You're so good at lying you can even convince yourself everything you do is justified.
- While not exactly brave usually, at least you have the pride to pick on people your own size, and the patience to wait for an opportunity. When your temper frays any innocent becomes your victim, and you go from formidable to simply brutal.
- What little patience you had with trespassing dissolves when you need your alone time. You drive everyone away viciously should they dare to tread too near to you and your brooding.
- You become restless, unable to stick to anything too long. If you encounter the slightest problem, one that should bounce off your armour, you give up and run away.
- Rules don't apply to you. While usually tolerant of laws as long as others obey them too, you just toss them aside and then criticize people who don't stick to them.
- You come off as downright cold and bitter. Any trust invested in you quickly vanishes.
- People are constantly afraid in case you act out of character -- not that they feel much safer when you're yourself, but at least you're more predictable then.

Core values
- Patience. All things in good time. Why waste energy seeking something out when it'll eventually come to you? The flip side of this is slothfulness -- you might be prone to become lazy.
- Fairness. Everyone gets an even chance in your court, but so help them if they should slip up. The flip side of this is that you become overly judgemental -- it's not actually up to you to dictate which things people are and aren't allowed to do, you know.
- Pride. You won't pass up a chance waved under your nose, but you do have your dignity. Nobody may trample on that. The flip side is you err towards territoriality about your property, and you compromise your pride if you become infatuated with the path of least resistance. Resist the urge to sin by languor and maintain your integrity!
- Strength. You don't just look tough, you are tough. To be emotional is to be weak, and you only do it for show, to manipulate others. You deflect criticism and insults easily. But be careful -- you may be inclined to turn a deaf ear on praise, comfort and advice too, in tribute to your own supremacy.


Full Name: Berry

Settled Or Not: Settled (Salt Water Crocodile)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Black


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