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Frequently Asked Questions

Post by Alecis on Wed Sep 02, 2009 6:13 pm

:1:What is a clio?
A clio is basically the people of Amelia. As we on Earth are called people, they are called clio.
:2: What is an Eilemaiden?
An Eilemaiden in basically an element.
There are eight different Eilemaiden, they are as follows:
Adhbhar [earth]
Aite [solar]
Cuir [air]
Deilig [darkness]
Dian [metal]
Earalas [fire]
Solas [light]
Ughdarras [water]
In Amelia, each clio is born "unsettled". While the clio is unsettled, they have a very limited use of all the Eilemaiden.
When a clio comes of age and their daemon settles, they must chose which Eilemaiden they want to belong too.
:3: What is a daemon?
A daemon is basically your characters soul, in animal form. The clio of Amelia have them, and they follow them everywhere. While your character is young, and still belongs to all of the Eilemaiden, the daemon is unsettled, and can change shape. The daemon can be any form that your character wants or needs at any time. In Amelia, this is used a lot during battles between each other. A strict rule of etiquette though, which isn't broken by even the worst of enemy's is that you never, never touch another clios daemon. Because the daemon is someones soul, it's very wrong to do this. When your character comes of age, their daemon will settle into one animal form that truly fits their personality.
In the role play, your daemon can hear your thoughts, and you can hear his/hers. You are able to see what they can see, and vice versa. You may communicate telepathically, or you can talk out loud. Other clio can hear your daemon when they speak out loud.
The dæmon can not go farther than 10 feet from your character. If it does so, the character is in more pain than anything. It is paralyzed by the pain, it's like a million needles stabbing you all over. And you feel a pull because it's like ripping a piece of you away from your body. It isn't possible to go more than 20 feet away. It feels like you hit into a brick wall, you just can't go any farther.
:4: What do you mean, settle?
When anyone is young, their personality changes. You aren't quite sure who you are, you experiment with new things to find out what you like, and what you don't. Being unsettled basically means that you still have the ability to be molded into something, anything really. But, when someone reaches maturity, and finally understands who they are, their daemon will settle. The daemon settles into the form that most fits their clio, this could be the daemons favorite form, or it could be a form that the daemon has never taken before. After the daemon settles, it can not change shape anymore.

:5: What happens if I don't want to choose an Eilemaiden when I settle?
If your character does not choose an Eilemaiden when he/she settles then your character will never get an Eilemaiden. For this very reason, most clio, when they feel they are close to the settling age, research all they can about the different Eilemaiden. Your character must have in his head what he wishes to be the very moment he/she settles. If they are confused or don't have a specific one in mind they will lose their Eilemaiden powers forever.

:6: How does one become an Overloridian?
For each Eilemaiden there is one Overloridian, these players are your mods so make sure to listen to them. To become an Overloridian, in the game, your clio is born as one. The new Overloridian settles at the precise moment that the other dies. Fate has always taken care of this, there has never been two Overloridians for one Eilemaiden at any point in time.
The clio who are fated to become an Overloridian are the only clio in all of Amelia that do not get to choose their Eilemaiden.

:7: When I first started rping here my character was unsettled, but now I want him/her to be settled. What should I do?
PM one of the admins, Alecis or Rowan, and they will settle your character. Be sure to mention which Eilemaiden your character has chosen.


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