I need you like a heart needs to beat.

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I need you like a heart needs to beat.

Post by Kairi on Fri Sep 04, 2009 10:34 am


Full Name: Kairi Katsa Greening

Gender: Female

Birth Date: September 21. 19 years old.

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Natural hair color is blonde, but she likes to change it a lot

Height: 5’4”

About His/Her Family: She’s got three dads, Keegan, her first daddy, Kai, her second daddy, and Alton, her third. She also has one Mom, Katsa. Keegan and Kai are married, and Katsa and Alton are married. Both families live in Ughdarras, so it’s easy for Kairi and her twin sister Kamber to go back and forth. She also has a lot of little brothers and sisters.

[Let's see that S M I L E]
How you act around others

-You like to play and have fun, and are in general a worthwhile companion.
-Although friendly, you hang back in the presence of those you don't know.
-Some might initially see you as aloof or stuck-up, but you get along with others as long as they give you the chance.
-You do, however, have a hard time getting along with those who are too different from you.
-For the most part, you are not good with children.
-You like to tease others, usually playfully.
-You are very affectionate and caring toward your friends and family.
-You can't stand to be left alone or ignored, and you make it known when you feel that way.
-Some people might disdain you for your intelligence, considering you condescending and "on a high horse".
-While you don't consider yourself better than someone, if you're told what to do you think on it before you obey them.
-That said, you aren't one to typically follow someone else's rules. You like to play by your own standards.

[With a sense of S E L F]
How you are as a person

-You are small, but definitely not unnoticeable.
-You have a certain grace and elegance that might surprise others.
-You usually have a very calm demeanor.
-You are not lazy and you pride yourself on being dignified.
-You are a very quiet person. You don't see the need to talk very much.
-But this does not mean in the least that you're dull. You are in fact far more energetic than people might realize.
-And when you do talk, it's with force and can actually be very annoying.
-You are not one to dance in the rain. You hate being out in wet weather.
-You might have a love for climbing.
-You are very clean. You have a certain insistence on keeping yourself clean.
-You are very good at getting your way. Some might say you're cleverly persuasive, even manipulative.
-You are quite territorial and protective. People need to stay away from what's your's.
-You are tireless and somewhat fearless. You can easily find yourself eagerly exploring something new.
-You are quite curious, always on the tips of your toes, so to speak, to investigate something.
-Alongside being curious, you are also very mischievious. A practical joke from you wouldn't surprise anyone.
-You are one tenacious person. It takes a firm hand to get you to do what you need to.
-You have certain temper problems, which might confuse those that know you.
-You can have your times when you feel completely antisocial and want alone time.

[Stand up a little S T R A I G H T E R]
Your faults

-You can come off as conceited, which is to say that you are, a bit.
-You get impatient and irritated when people don't do things as fast as you want them to.
-You like to stick your nose where it doesn't belong.
-You can be nasty and rude when you don'y get your way, albeit that that doesn't happen very often.

-Change a lot with the seasons, the world around you affects you greatly
-People orientated, friendly
-Require surprisingly little care and attention
-Adapted to a rigorous lifestyle
-Appearance varies widely
-Tough, can handle adversity
-At the same time, playful, lively and affectionate
-Loving and gentle
-Don’t mind the outdoors, or the indoors, as long as there is plenty for you to do, able to adapt well to different environments
-Get on well with others, and work well with animals and children
-Have been described as beautiful and interesting by some
-Intelligent and lively
-Energetic, don’t like doing nothing
-Don’t mind cold weather
-Able to block out less friendly ideas and comments
-Don’t stress easily
-Don’t like to be alone
-Extremely curious
-Like being high up, need to see what is going on around you
-Impressive appearance
-Take longer than most to mature
-Like to impress others with your abilities


Full Name: Kyran

Settled Or Not: Settled (Basenji)

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Dark brown


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