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Knox Keiran Bradley

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Full Name: Knox Keiran Bradley

Gender: Male

Birth Date: October 31. 16 years old.

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Height: 5'11"

About His/Her Family: Relatively good sized family. He has a mom and a dad whose names are Mia and Keiran, a big brother and sister who are twins named Bella and Bo, along with two little sisters and a brother named Rumor, Aleariah, and Liam.

ozing ways.
o Yes, in your own way, maybe without seeing it yourself you're prone to clarifying the world and sweeping away blocks.
o You're also very good at bringing up patterns or keeping patterns going, which is very comforting. You may be different, but you're always the same.
o When you bring up something, you bring it up clearly and explicitly. You leave very little grey areas in your conversation, which can be refreshing.
o You can be mysterious, but you don't tap dance too wildly around any subject at all. There's a refreshing, methodical crawl to your ways people take comfort in.
o You catch things that are obvious to you, but tend to slip right by other people- or you have in the past, and people just expect you to have this amazing, keen eye to catch anything.
o While all this is true, it's more true to a stranger. Those who know you better or indirectly know you're a perfect foil for yourself dressed real pretty in monochrome.
o As this person, those who get to know you a little better can see you as draining, you require both more and less upkeep than most people would suspect.
o You're neutralizing, yes, but you can outright grey folks out without really meaning to. This can work either for or against you, and it's something that tends to hang with you.
o Interestingly, practical person that you are, for some bizarre reason, spiritual things are naturally attracted to you, and perhaps you to them though it may not always work out well for you.
o People trust your instincts a great deal, though you have largely given up on them for the power of thought instead.
o Hey, it's food for thought. People couldn't possibly come [not so obviously] for your guidance for nothing, you stranger.

W h a t you get...
[what i think of me]
o You have a strong connection to your roots, one that you'll always have, and while you could spend your life at home and might spring out later than most...
o Well, you know as well as I do that you'll wander away on your own time, unless it is so that your place is indeed with your family rather than anywhere else.
o You hang around like anyone else, you tend to prefer home, but you also like to move on every now and then in your life and collect a fresh start.
o A slight lag, but not so incredibly far-crossed from average seems to be where you're headed. You're not a wandering albatross, but when you've got the itch, you'll scratch it.
o Scratching that itch can be frightening for you, as you tend to rather leave things as they are. Sure in your step as you seem, you waver and question more than anyone.
o Actually, you've got a big pocket full of insecurity for you to hide, along with a very starved ego that you try not to feed if you get the chance, perhaps because you find it too monstrous or you fear arrogance.
o It's not stretching the truth to say that you are your own greatest critic, and that you hold back from people more than they could plausibly imagine you to.
o The reason people take you as mysterious is because you hold back as much as you do. It's rare for you to lie, but you'll keep to yourself unless you're asked.
o The one thing you feel you can keep firm control on is how much information you give to others; you pick and choose what or what not to release very, very carefully and almost painstakingly.
o One of the things you worry over, after all, is keeping that neutral and unimpressive appearance of yours. You're not looking to cause real trouble, though you do delight in small mischiefs.
o Quietly, you are a pessimist, planning for the worst and and worrying in a way so very contrary to your nearly playful, somewhat vapid appearance.
o Earlier, when I mentioned people seeing you as being empty, or incomplete? You can chuckle and sympathize with that remark, but to you it doesn't seem as natural as it does to them.
o To you, it seems more like you've lost something along the way, or forfeited something... For the life of you, it's very hard to say what, exactly, that thing is. Maybe it's impossible for you.
o Because of this dark, negative streak that you've got in there, you also have something else that brews unnaturally strong within you. That thing is hope.
o In that hope, you also have a strong desire to better yourself, a life long project built around balancing that self-esteem of yours and learning how to feed your ego, learning how to reach out.
o When you look into this hope, you're so much more whole, and you can take comfort in the path that you have carved for yourself oh so delicately along the way.

G o t to dance...
[how i tackle today]
o No matter how you look at it, no matter which way you approach it- arts, science, it doesn't matter- you are an intellectual.
o As a matter of fact, you're also clever by design! You're not just smart, you're witty, if people know where to look!
o You've got ingenuity in spades, even tackling the most difficult of puzzles can come naturally to you if you analyze it just a little.
o Any kind of puzzles can do, the jagged ones hanging on an edge, the ones that involve digging deeper into it or the ones vapid of evidence, you can master them all.
o Your ability to climb so easily over hurdles most would have trouble with can lead to as much grandeur as it can troubles. Your not a stranger to curiosity coming to bite you in the bum.
o Hey, a person can't just happen across being able to cross mental bridges like you do without making some rather serious mistakes through curiosity alone!
o Yes, your curiosity has led you to walk on eggshells and set off proverbial minefields in your innocent [or not so innocent] quests for information.
o Needless to say you've learned lessons through your curiosity, but it boils down to a hard-managed contradiction: a careful, cautious step and an even deeper curiosity.
o Yes, you know that it is true, you have a damn good hand when it boils down to brains. You don't just have a good hand, you can play your cards.
o You do enjoy a good challenge given the opportunity, when you're given the chance to use your greymatter you have a good time.
o Of course, that's not nearly all that you have going for you up there. You're remarkably skilled in a variety of areas, putting others to shame.
o Whether those skills came to you naturally or you practiced to get them, you can use them and use them terribly well. Folks might just envy your skills.
o Even though you are a high-level thinker, you don't tend to use the greatest of your brainpower even in difficult situations; you're high powered enough at your 'average".
o You have a very high level of thinking that people would not think of you on first impressions, sure as you are smart, you can still surprise the best of us.
o One could say that academic stress doesn't entirely apply to you, either. You can easily climb any kind of social or academic ladder, you just prefer not to and to go as you please.
o Which is to say that you are lazy in some ways, you don't put your best foot forward if you don't have to, and even then... You have an uncanny knack for getting by.
o Not just getting by, but getting by with some level of innate class, the kind that people would kill for to move as smoothly as you in a game of any kind at all.
o Perhaps one of the funniest things about it all is that you're not an overwhelmingly competitive person by design.
omewhere low-key, is certainly where you can take the most ease. The hustle and bustle of the city drives you mad sometimes.
o Given what you need to get by and those few precious things, you can get by virtually anywhere so long as that place is not extreme.
o So let's be honest, while you can go almost anywhere, you'd prefer somewhere close to home that you can depend on.
o You do best in mild and dependable environments, places and events you can count on like an old teddy bear.
o A small town amid the mountains near a big city would be your ideal sort of place. Relaxed pace, comfortable- you're already dreaming, aren't you?
o Dreaming of that place just tucked away, but a comfortable walk to get wherever it is you need to do. Your place.
o While what is home is not your largest of priorities, it is still important to you, and so you will work to make your house a home to you.
o Honestly, while it may seem bizarre to you to say so, you're a natural at it; exactly the sort of person who is a stunning homemaker, who can put people to ease.

W h e n we are together...
[what i need from you]
o A supremely faithful person, you make sure to spread yourself as evenly as you can wherever you go.
o Unfortunately, left unchecked, you tend towards stress and spreading yourself just a little too thin.
o Hence, after a busy day out you feel "fried". You can sympathize with feeling like a boiled owl/
o Wherever it is that you go, whatever it is that you do, you do require your time to yourself.
o People who infringe on your space tend to get your back up. Privacy keeps you comfortable.
o You can also entertain yourself quite well and remain sufficient company, you're one of those peoples who needs a large amount of alone time.
o By large amounts, I mean you need your privacy, your space, or you will scoot off to get it all for yourself.
o Alas, it's not like you're alone by choice. You are, unfortunately, one of those folks who learned to be lonely for whatever reason.
o Needless to say, you are greatly attracted to loneliness and being alone more out of nessecity than out of pleasure.
o Sure enough, you're the kind of person who really does desire good company in fair doses, who think about in excess.
o Mmhmm, you're that one person who is so utterly independent that you are dependent, for those rare and important people and moments.
o For you, a good, true friendship [or, you know, love] is the creme of the crop and greatest thing imaginable. There is little that means more to you than a true friend.
o ... Or an act of earnest friendship. Why lie? Even the most cheesy of introductions or actions will have you as putty at someones feet.
o You're also the kind of person who would secretly be pleased as punch to receive regular letters from someone, but possibly never say a word about it.
o The largest percentage of your daydreams consist of dealing with this pure, ideal picture of what a friend is and what they do with you.
o All of this is well and good, but as was mentioned earlier, you are quite the loner- you don't generally approach people first, nor are you often approached.
o After all, for a true friendship, one needs to give as well as get... but finding people is just so hard for you. It's not easy to spark a connection with you.
o So it takes someone pretty dang special to catch your stunningly discerning eye, or someone equally as special to notice something special in you.
o Well, either that or unless they have a real good eye and the ability to climb up to whatever level you're on.
o And stay there, like a hangover, until [almost painfully at first] you can't live without the bugger. From there on, it's smooth sailing.
o Once a connection has been established with you, it's something that you keep and hold quite dear, if only very privately.
o However, the trick is actually staying and making a real place in my heart. You keep distance between yourself and other people, and crawl out of your shell very rarely.
o When you do crawl out of your shell, it's a big ordeal, it's the kind of thing that happens rather rarely. A once in a blue moon event, if you will, so when you do it...
o You're very vulnerable, and whoever you keep as company is going to need to be hyper aware of your sensitivity, and treat you accordingly.
o For all the times you pin a person's actions, it's the loving ones that you should expect that always manage to surprise you the most.
o Honestly, the person who is chasing your tail is going to have to be something else, and be able to get you to say the very same thing about them.
o We're talking the kind of person who can keep up and understand your thinking on level, enough to keep you on your toes but keep you comfortable enough not to scare you off.
o Which is to say, they have to be balanced as you are, but also somewhat more extreme, at least extreme enough to shake you into yourself.
o As barnacle-like and devoted as this person is, they will also need to be the sort of person who can understand your need for time alone without getting upset about it.
o Which, again, raises the point that you're not all that easy to get close to, but it can be done. Honestly, more people could do it with a little effort.

In conclusion, you are mild, mischievous, and mysterious. You are the ringtail.

If fox, raccoon, or cat have been on your list of forms and hitting just a little south of normal, you may have found the form for you!

Importantly, the old analysis can be found here if I missed out on anything important, here. Ally did a good job with the old one. -Stretches.- This one was a good one to write, and certainly an interesting one- if anyone has any questions about the form you're welcome to ask.

Full Name: Felicity

Settled Or Not: Settled (ringtail)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Purple



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