Allison Willow Eligius

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Allison Willow Eligius

Post by Allison on Fri Sep 04, 2009 8:38 am


Full Name: Allison Willow Eligius

Gender: Female

Birth Date:

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Red

Height: 5'7

About His/Her Family: Huge-o family. Dad, Rowan; mom, Ria; older sisters, Chloe, Claire and Addisyn; older brothers, Gage and Dayton; twin brother, Elliot; younger brothers, Lane and Little Rowan. And some other complicated peeps.

-As with all colorful birds, you draw attention to yourself without meaning to. You're a low-key person and certainly don't seek out this attention, though you are very vocal and talkative.
-People see you as harmless, non-threatening.
-You are a serene, low-energy person. You're not one for travel and are generally pretty lazy. You like to chill out and take things slow and easy. If there's a task to be done, you will bestir yourself to a brief flurry of activity to accomplish it, then go back to your laid-back ways.
-You're probably well-known for being so chill.
-Just because you're sedentary doesn't mean you don't know what's going on around you. You are keenly observant, always keeping your eye out for interesting developments.
-At first, you may be hands-off with your children, but as they grow you become a much more devoted, perhaps even obsessive, parent.
-When you socialize, it is usually with only one or two other people.
-When excited, you like to express your enthusiasm.
-You tend to express yourself more through auditory cues (like the way you speak) than visual cues (like body language.)
-You hate conflict, and your strategy to avoid it is to stay out of the way and not tread on anyone's toes.
-You are usually heard before you are seen.
-You are territorial, but only about a few, specific things that are very close to you.


Full Name: Jazz

Settled Or Not: Settled (tody)

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Black



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