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Gilbert Gage Wright

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Full Name: Gilbert "Gil" Gage Wright

Gender: Male

Birth Date: April 17th, age 16

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 6'4

About His/Her Family: He's got a mom, Chloe; a dad, Teagan; an older brother, Sebastian; a younger brother, Erich; a younger sister, Helena; and a big extended family.

» Head and shoulders above the crowd (you like to think so, at least).
» Hardy, resistant to emotional damage (you've got a thick outer layer); even lacking in sensitivity altogether sometimes.
» Used to harsh conditions, and known for it.
» You've got formidable weapons, and people know this 'cause you've got no qualms with making them apparent.
» Can see beauty and usefulness where others cannot.
» Practical-minded, firmly utilitarian.
» People can't "get to you" when you're in your element, and you know this. As such you can be loathe to "come down", because it leaves you feeling open and exposed. You continually try to remain in a position that you feel is defendable.
» Paradoxical: some say you've got your head in the clouds and others call you "savvy" or "clued in".
» With regards to your home environment, you have a set of specific requirements and staunchly refuse to edit them.
» Gregarious, with a complex social structure.
» Concerned with your own physical health and well-being. Perhaps you're a bit of a health-food enthusiast.
» When you're set on something, there's no stopping you. Your determination carries you through and you reap the rewards.
» Continually find yourself "wanting more", though in practise, you can readily function just by making do with what is available at the time.
» Dependent on someone or something for protection.
» Like shortcuts and when things are close to hand. You always go for the "easiest route", and love it when other people do the work for you. As such you correlate your activities and make your friends accordingly, often attaching yourself to generous people.
» Not good with digging down for information; you are not concerned with depth or detail. You prefer to keep your head above the waters of other peoples' problems.
» Not phased by the prospect of travelling a great distance, metaphorical or otherwise.
» You're keen on the idea of inheritance and passing on your knowledge. You're one for tradition and family history.
» It's not that change unsettles you as such. You're just a fan of routine; you like doing set things in specific situations.
» Your intentions are often blatant and transparent.
» Much of what you have was gifted to you by other people.
» It's funny, really. You're pretty competitive and yet often find that you've got nobody to compete with. Not many would dare challenge you.
» Don't seem to know the meaning of the phrase "pride goes before a fall".
» Unbending in your opinions and views, loyal to your value system. This rigidity annoys others.
» Absorb damage without any apparent effect and take it in your stride.
» Dislike failure.
» Have an actively playful streak.
» The size of your ego seems disproportionate to the reality. Your pride often outweighs your common sense.
» Take joy in being able to forecast and make use of potential.
» Difficult to take down, and yet (ram-souls especially) still sought after.
» Daydreams, melting into a book, getting caught up in the flow of a movie; you're an escapist at heart. In your darkest moments, the odd warm gesture from somebody is your escape from a bleak reality.
» Considered to be a pure or unsullied force, something welcome as opposed to something pestiferous.
» Pick up trends from other groups easily.
» Others hurt you without realizing it.
» After you've chosen a group to join, you're loathe to leave it. Your friends are your "band", your "pack".
» Have a similarity to someone that others could not have even begun to guess at.
» By force of habit, you are determined not to change for anyone, even if it leaves you in a precarious position. You're one of those people that won't alter parts of themselves to suit others.
» People can tell just from looking at you how you're feeling at that moment.
» Seem to some as lacking in seriousness or substance, but you make up for this with your warm heart.
» Good sense of direction (as in you know where you want to go in life).
» You have no issue with basking in reflected glory.
» In theory you're supposed to be "quite fragile" but in reality you're able to deal substantial blows.
» If conditions aren't right (i.e. if you plain don't feel like it ;3) you just stop working altogether.
» When you're passionate or enthusiastic about something (which is rare, as most of the time you seem apathetic, broody, or mopey), you're energized and full of vigor.
» You're pretty forwards when it comes to relationships. You know who you want and how to get it. However, you can be overly sharp with your partner, even if all you're doing is trying to assess how they are feeling.
» Can somehow look both solemn and comical in the same short amount of time.
» You generally just potter about your business. Extreme ambition only shows itself in your character at select times.
» Your methods might seem unorthodox but they get results.
» Often find yourself having to think up an alternative approach.
» When you are content within yourself and your surroundings, you tend to ignore other people.
» Live in the here and now; you will only focus on the joys of the moment, no matter what risk this poses for the future.
» Known by variations of the same name.
» You're awesome in small doses. It's great to have you around every once in a while, but in the grand scheme of things, you're not everybody's favorite guest.
» Don't usually go with the flow.
» A source of dry humor.
» Can get comfortable anywhere. Even if you're not at home you make an effort to create a semblance of what you're familiar with.
» Good at evading the question, and yet sometimes miss the point entirely.
» Will flee into unchartered seas just to escape the matter at hand.
» Only major pressure is enough to drive you to readily work.
» Loyal to who you like and what you know.
» Don't mind people seeing you display your "alternative" or weird side.
» May identify with mountains and alpine ranges. You might want to live at height in the future, as this would partially fulfil your need not to be disturbed.
» Successful, and people acknowledge this. Quite a few people seem to admire you from afar.
» Others won't take you on unless they feel current conditions make it easy.
» "Sure-footed"; that is, nimble and agile as you go about processing trains of thought and reaching conclusions.
» Move well through rough times.
» Kind of greedy, a snacker fo'sho'.
» Will plunge into things without thinking and only rectify the situation later, almost as an afterthought.


Full Name: Erin

Settled Or Not: Settled (Dall's sheep)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Brown


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