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Magdalene Maliah Flint

Post by Maggie on Thu Sep 03, 2009 4:35 pm


Full Name: Magdalene "Maggie" Maliah Flint

Gender: Female

Birth Date: May 30th, age 16

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 5'3

About His/Her Family: She’s got a mom, a dad, two triplet sisters, and a little brother. Their names are Mewbry, Quinn, Quinn, Bailey, and Soren.

Personality:- A large, bright character [an unusual type] with two distinct sides and a curious, active and nimble/extremely agile [if simple] mind
- Striking, distinctive
- A daydreamer; someone who isn't all that grounded or connected to the world around them
- Have at times an almost inverted world-view; you find your opinions are sometimes the opposite to those of others
- Have a thick outer layer
- Fragmented and branching thought processes; you “leap” from thought to thought
- You’re someone who is unafraid to go out on a limb and take a shot at it. Some of these behaviors make people a little nervous for your well-being
- A bit of a risk-taker, even to the point of stupidity
- Tactile and expressive
- Inquisitive and investigative
- Quick to jump to conclusions
- Enjoy dynamic and engaging surroundings and are often found in interesting places
- Seem odd and "out there" to people who aren't on the same wavelength as you; you're confident but to those who don't understand you you seem to be away with the fairies
- You seek out and enjoy the company of warm people; your own personality is rather sunny
- A people-watcher; is sometimes to content to sit and watch the world go by
- Avoids problems
- Soft as opposed to rough around the edges
- Appreciate both old and new
- Exclusively does things the easy way; you almost never make things unnecessarily difficult for yourself
- Always taking advantage of and playing to your own strengths
- You have your preferences and like to stick to them
- Like to be there at the beginning of things
- Simplistic view of the world; and have an original, fresh take on things
- Able to handle yourself and accurately assess situations. You know the limits of your ability and exactly what you’re capable of
- Tend to utilize multiple approaches to things; able to see things from a variety of angles
- Your friends and workmates have adapted to benefit from you
- Live a high maintenance lifestyle
- “Without the incoming of new information, [your] creative juices stop flowing and hit a wall” [credit to Emma of Jem for her useful post on frugivores]
- A positive influence on people
- Your interactions with people are complex
- Quiet when you need to be, extremely vocal when excited or with friends or when something important is happening – talkative and chatty. An expressive communicator, perhaps even an effective orator [charismatic]
- Raucous – sometimes you’re pretty loud and boisterous. Without notice you can burst out [when this happens people can’t help but notice]
- Tend to cause a fuss and use harsh words and tones when alarmed or worked up
- When something’s wrong you’re quick to let all your people know. You won’t let them be caught by surprise if you can help it
- Vigilant and unafraid to sound the alarm [and you’ll tell them specifically what’s bothering your mind]
- Several of your characteristics are traits that people would not automatically have associated with a person like you
- Impatient, quick to get started and quick to get through things
- Not very concerned with detail or thoroughness
- Able to deal with and juggle many projects successfully at the same time [better equipped to do so than others] but still prefer to only have one or two things on the go at any one time
- Like to get straight to the best bits
- Can seemingly take your hand to anything
- Find it easy to build people up
- Easily formulate arguments
- Creative, you can seemingly turn your hand to anything
- Like to have some sense of structure in place, particularly where your more vulnerable friends are concerned. However, such behavior has proven detrimental in the past, as it sees you relaxed [off guard] and makes you an easy target
- Have devised ingenious methods of getting at what you want [and if on doesn’t work, you’ll try again with another]
- A bit sneaky and impish
- Can be lazy
- Able to get close to people without alarming them
- Some of your more odd behaviors people find to be fascinating and worthy of comment
- Sensitive to your environment
- Concerned with your appearance; spend a lot of time grooming yourself
- Like to have somewhere you can retreat to and hide away in. You require a safe haven
- Perhaps want to understand how things are put together?
- Highly dependent on rich, sweet personalities. You suffer for lack of them
- Considered a beautiful personality
- Communicate through a variety of means
- Will mark what is yours
- Your romantic habits are not well understood, presumably because that's not the kind of thing you talk about.
- Able to maintain long, strong relationships, if you so choose [have the capacity to be monogamous]
- Bear a resemblance [are similar to, not necessarily physically] to a close friend or family member; this is something which is often commented on
- Dislike people leaning on you for support/carrying around emotional burdens which are not your own; so you take steps to make sure that this does not happen [female]
- Quick to join in with the fun
- Perhaps good with languages
- A delicate touch
- A good, desirable companion
- Can be surprisingly tender [female]
- Like being able to work efficiently and undisturbed [female]
- You supplement your main sources of inspiration
- Have a tendency to leave your belongings lying around; spacy, seemingly careless [female]
- Perhaps have a tendency towards self destructive behaviors [female]
- Both playful and aggressive
- Able to read body language well
- Find it easy to understand the minds of people who aren’t like you or who you don’t know. Conversely other people in turn can find it hard to "observe" you [i.e. get to know you]
- Some of your threats are empty posturing
- Influential
- Entertaining, attracts attention
- You thrive when people are good to you
- [Rarely] Will venture into the unknown if there’s something in it for you
- Not very manipulative, you prefer a lighter and less direct approach
- Find yourself characterized by the way you dress or present yourself
- You love experienced and productive people
- Always seems to be in pursuit of something
- Spend most of your time enjoying yourself and taking it easy
- Dislike being made to work under heat and pressure
- When you feel threatened or intimidated you get vocal and aggressively defensive [females more often]
- More likely to take it upon yourself to be among your group’s protectors [female]
- Pretty territorial
- Like the idea of community and doing things together. Your ideal group is one that shares the workload [burdens and responsibilities] and practices communal care for your more weaker members
- Even when you pay attention it’s common for you can find your ideas falling through. You just seem to be a bit unfortunate like that
- A social creature that leads a social lifestyle [though there is some variability in your social behaviors]. You enjoy the company of members of both sexes
- In tune with the minds of your friends. When you’re all together you make a fair old racket
- Have links to people outside your core of regulars [who are like family to you]
- This “core of regulars”, while not always the most cohesive of units [indeed, sometimes you tend to fragment or split from the main group – especially if the group is towards the larger side of things - and go your separate way as an individual], has a lot in common and is sometimes agonistic towards strangers or intruders
- Able to work alone and in pairs
- Does not see the world in terms of a linear hierarchy; you're more flexible than that
- Able to determine the direction of your group even if you occupy a lower position
- Pretty srsface when on your own
- Tend to keep in contact with friends
- Prefer to be in groups in which the structure is not rigid [however you do maintain some enduring associations and long term bonds with a few favorites]
- The structure of your groups are variable. Sometimes you prefer to be around small groups; at other times you’re happy in larger crowds [which tend to be more fluid, the loose coming together of multiple smaller groups]. Occasionally you’ll take a few of your favorites and go off and do your own thing
- The patterns within your group tend to change according to the environment and what you all want and need. You’ll join larger groups when times are easy [like at the weekend, when most people have no commitments to college, for example] or when there’s a reason to celebrate [a birthday, an outing] but prefer to be with a smaller group when times are hard [like during the exam season. Presumably the smaller group makes it easy for you to focus on your studies and whatnot]
- Form strong bonds with your friends, especially with members of the same sex and/or people similar to yourself [female]
- Less connected to your friends; your relationships are more flexible, looser, more casual [male]
- Always bossy and domineering, especially towards members of the opposite sex/people who are not similar to you/ those who you consider to be weaker than you. As a result you are looked to as a sort of leader, get first pick, and get to call the shots [female]
- More passive, submissive, pacifistic [male]
- One of the core members of your group [female]
- You and your group tend to occupy a space relative to your number
- When under pressure you prefer to work and function in smaller groups
- You’re keen to cement and reinforce the bonds you have with your friends and as such like to spend time with them and learn about their interests. You’re happy when you guys get the chance to engage in activities together
- One of the driving forces of your group’s dynamics and the stable core in a crowd [female]
- A physically affectionate, touchy-feely kind of person, even with people you’re only just getting to know. In your unhealthy phase you’re pretty clingy
- Tendency to invade people’s personal space
- You seek to establish relationships with people by actively engaging with them and catching their interest
- Tend to stick close to your friends and stay somewhere where you’re comfortable, when you’re feeling vulnerable or upset [female]
- Your excitement is infectious, when other people see you chatting and having fun they often can’t help but be quick join in.


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