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Noelle Pattyn Baker

Post by Noelle on Thu Sep 03, 2009 4:31 pm


Full Name: Noelle Pattyn Baker

Gender: Female

Birth Date: March 6th, age 18

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 5'4

About His/Her Family: Her parents, Pattyn and Noel, aren't married but they do all live together.


- Despite being well-known and easily recognized, suprisingly little is known about you.
- You may be very popular or very unpopular, but you aren't ignored though it may seem so.
- You like to put together your own home, and design it to suit your needs.
- Nocturnal, you like the night, though you tend to run dry during the daylight hours.
- Don't mind being kept in captivity, because you are catered to.
- Your ideal setting would be a suburbian neighborhood near the big city.
- This gives you access to everything you need, as well as fair safety and room to move around.
- Require some space, you don't really do all that well confined to a small space.
- Prefer a warm, comfortable climate; you are sensitive to climate and temperature change.
- People can find you at any time of the year, as long as they know where to look for you.
- You tend to slow down from about October to March, late fall to early spring.
- Extraordinarily sensitive to your surroundings, have a deep connection with the world around you.
- You need a steady routine and goood resources in order to properly function.
- Favorite foods are rich in protiens, and appearance isn't nearly so important as the function and the taste.
- Like variety in your food, though you may have a slightly sensitive stomach or a prominent food allergy.
- Could be considered a garbage disposal, given the opportunity there's a great deal you could and would eat.
- Are the kind of person who needs to snack throughout the day to keep on going.
- Without ample food and water available to you, you can become lethargic and inactive.
- Less prickly than the rest of your family, somewhat more friendly and adaptable.
- You tend to me more aggressive than others may expect of you, though you're more passive-agressive.
- You have a somewhat cushioned life-style, chances are that you've been called a brat.
- You have not needed to grow up with a particular defense or offense.
- Still capable of hurting others, however, and if you're pushed you'll hit them with all you have.
- Prefer to try and outrun a problem, instead of hiding yourself from it.
- Not an uncommon type of person, though you aren't always that easy to find.
- Tend to hover on the fringes of society; refuse to be labeled.
- It can be very difficult to get a hold of you, let alone to find people like you.
- Considered unwelcome in some places, even though others seek out people like you.
- May practice something that other people consider unorthodox or uncomfortable.
- You are faster than other people would assume you to be, in mind, body, or spirit.
- Exceptionally observant, and have fairly reliable gut feelings. You can rely on your intuition.
- Willing to go as far as you have to go to get what you want, and will strike any opportunity.
- You are sensitive, perhaps overly so, but that's just a peice of who you are.
- You have developed some defense over time, however.
- If you are wounded by something, it can take you a little while and some isolation to recover.
- Introvert, you like to stay out of the spotlight- you aim not to be noticed, for the most part.
- Those who know you well know you're childlike and childish; you are selfish, but all the same somehow pure.
- You will be you, you don't try to change yourself for other people.
- You don't like to feel caged and controlled, you need your freedom.
- You have more enemies than you do friends, so chances are you're a little anxious.
- You become easily bored, but the proper thing can keep you stimulated for hours at a time.
- Could very well be considered a little bit OCD, and your wandering attention span doesn't help you.
- Can carry all sorts of problems, and may have been told you are useless.
- Can carry some potent facets or baggage that could hurt others.
- Others seem to give you their problems, "parasites" are attracted to you.
- It can be a bit of a chore for you to stay fit and healthy.
- Anxiety and depression could be a constant battle for you.
- You are a fairly solitary person, you need your space, and it's difficult for you to make and keep friends.
- Despite this you have a deep yearning for company, and could be considered a hopeless romantic.
- You don't like to be bound to society's laws of what love should be.
- You may love one person above all else, though you may not be able to reach them.
- Enjoy variety in your love life, certainly, you want stray from being cliche.
- Additionally, you may also become bored with just one person.
- Polyamourous, for all the possibilities. It's difficult for you to be entirely faithful to one person.


Full Name: Poncho

Settled Or Not: Settled (long-eared hedgehog)

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Black



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