Cedric Chandler Flint

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Cedric Chandler Flint

Post by Cedric on Thu Sep 03, 2009 4:17 pm


Full Name: Cedric Chandler Flint

Gender: Male

Birth Date: February 9th, age 25

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Height: 6'1

About His/Her Family: Another huuuuge family. He has a dad, Quinn; a mom, Lumi; two older brothers, Lil Quinn and Keegan; a twin brother, Dorian; two older sisters, Julie and Christine; a younger sister, Emmeline; and some weird extended family members, but we won't get into that today.

-Solitary, but you can tolerate another's company.
-Hesitant to put yourself out there; perhaps fearful for the thought of failure?
-Most - maybe only- vocative when wanting attention from your LI/lover. (Male)
-Sometimes offer a helping hand with other peoples problems; others shouldn't count on you all the time. (Male)
-You have a concise, perhaps prudish exterior.
-Despite your exterior, you're more versatile than meets the eye; you remain calm in most situations.
-Not picky with food or environment; mostly anything will suffice.
-Compatible with others like yourself (they get on with budgies, pigeons, peafowl)
-However, you dislike others too much like yourself; perhaps you seem them as a threat? (apparantly they shouldn't be housed with other species of pheasant)
-Elusive and quiet, you prefer to blend in. (especially Female)
-Bit of a show-off. (Male)
-Your parenting is undefinable; with one child you may be ardent and protective, with your second you may be careless.
-Surprisingly pleasant to be around.
-A hardy person; you aren't easily displeased.
-Despite this, one thing you can't stand is heat; you would much rather be relaxing in the shade than sunbathing.
-Generally a laid-back person.
-Perhaps you are weary of new, complex things; not that you're unable to comprehend them; you merely feel safer in what you know most.
-Cautious towards new faces.
-Excessive critisism can lead you to withdrawing into yourself, or dampening your almost eternal optimism. (Male)
-Prefer the company of those less attractive.


Full Name: Reginald

Settled Or Not: Settled (golden pheasant)

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Yellow



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