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Nathanial Kyler Dell

Post by Nathaniel on Thu Sep 03, 2009 4:02 pm


Full Name: Nathaniel Kyler Dell

Gender: Male

Birth Date: September 21st, age 17

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 5'10

About His/Her Family: His mom died when he was young, and he was raised by his dad with his three brothers.

Personality:You prefer your own company to that of others. Social situations either frighten or drain you. When you’re in unfamiliar surroundings or with new people, your gut reaction is to be wary and behave in a way that makes you seem unapproachable. You’re not, however, inherently aggressive towards others. You’re more relaxed in the presence of family and/or friends, but it’s something you’ve had to teach yourself; it doesn’t come naturally to you.

You are a secretive, introverted person. You are not very open, preferring to keep emotions, opinions, and even your daily activities to yourself. Perhaps you work most efficiently at night, or just enjoy doing things under the cover of darkness.

Solitary as you are, you are not entirely independent. You may not like to be around people, but you admit that you’re dependent on others for certain things. On the other hand, you’re not a particularly giving or affectionate person. You’ll only “give back” if it has some benefit to you.

To a casual observer, there is nothing remarkable about you. You come across as quite ordinary to most people and are perfectly capable of blending in with the crowd. But in the right circumstances, you truly shine. You have a specific talent that may make people admire you. Not one to brag or purposely draw attention to yourself, however, you’re more subtle about your talents, only displaying them when appropriate.

You are firmly rooted in the past. You dwell on things that happened to you years ago, and have a hard time letting things go. You like to relive the “good old days” and might be the type of person who has a hard time disposing of nostalgic objects, even after they’re outlived their usefulness. You don’t change your mind often, and are frequently accused of being stubborn or even closed-minded. You either cling stubbornly to old ideas, or are the type of person who holds grudges. Forgiveness is a concept you struggle with. If your daemon takes the male form of this animal, you exhibit these traits more strongly. You will not, however, cling to a belief that no longer serves you or that you feel is holding you back.

You’re not a very adaptable person. You have specific needs and are not likely to “go with the flow.” As long as your needs are accommodated, however, you’re content. You know exactly what you like, and if you don’t have it, you’re miserable. You’re not a fan of wide open spaces or empty, exposed areas. You prefer areas where you can blend into the crowd and go unnoticed. You have a good balance between “head-in-the-clouds” detachment and grounded practicality.

You take your time with your creative endeavors instead of rushing through your projects. Everything you do must be finished before you’ll let someone else see it. You prefer to work on your own, rejecting the idea of outside influence on your work. You like to work with what you have or what you already know. You’re unlikely to incorporate new ideas into a project once you’ve started it.

You’re quite perceptive in your own way, which is different than everyone else’s way of seeing things. Rarely relying on what’s “on the surface” of a situation, you are skilled at grasping hidden meanings and noticing things that others consider well-hidden.

You’re not one to take on an opponent you perceive to be “bigger” than you can handle, but that’s from your point-of-view. To others, it may seem like there’s no way you can tackle the problems you take on. It takes you a while to wrap your mind around new ideas or concepts, and you may not learn things quickly, but you’re a very focused learner. When you’re after something, it’s as if nothing else matters.

You’re a strong-willed person who prefers to wear someone down in an argument, rather than lunging in with one calculated remark that ends the disagreement instantly. You’re not prone to sharp or cutting remarks; instead, you stubbornly stick to your position until the other person is tired of arguing with you. You’re determined and tenacious. You don’t have a particularly large or aggressive presence though, and you don’t force your opinions on others without provocation. You may be more physically affectionate than other snake-souls.

Any Thing Else About Your Character We Might Need To Know:[background, ethnicity, etc.] He's the brand new Solas Overloridian. Go him.


Full Name: Dinah

Settled Or Not: Settled (rainbow boa)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Blue



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