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Zoey Lynn Adler

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Full Name: Zoey Lynn Adler

Gender: Female

Birth Date:

Eye Color: Blueish greenish

Hair Color: Blonde

Height: 5'1"

About His/Her Family: She's got a mom named Katsa who's itty bitty, a dad named Alton who isn't, two twin older sisters named Kairi and Katsa, another older sister named Anniah, three older brothers named Chance, Leon, and Paxton, one younger brother named Emerson, and one younger sister named Rini.

-Colorful and endearing personality; people would describe you as light-spirited and buoyant
-Could enjoy life both in the countryside and in town
-Although people notice you when you're being conspicuous, this happens rather infrequently; most often stand out when sitting in the background isn't a viable option
-Who you are now is a lot like who you were as a child; you have matured, but a lot of your façade remains unchanged
-Say things plainly without getting into heavy verbiage
-Sometimes start rambling from excitement without pausing for anyone to interject
-Nothing is 'out of your league,' and you'll happily adjust to wherever you end up
-Don't deal well with distractions, but need to be able to sit and think
-Look at something from every angle before acting; stop and think before diving into anything, in order to be most effective
-Not above inconveniencing another to have your way
-Procrastinate; store things up to return to later
-When you don't like someone, it's not uncommon for you to confront or harass them about it, never mind how bigger or stronger they are
-In your relationships (platonic or otherwise) the bond is strong, tending toward permanence
-Would feel safer hidden away and oblivious than in the open with plenty of time to react; don't want to feel vulnerable
-Prefer to take turns when working with someone, rather than being solely responsible for one part
-Were a fast-growing, noisy child, and are still a noisy person today
-You are hard to tend to due to your fragile nature; it's easy to do something that upsets you
-Tend to settle down and open up to new people quickly and to a great degree, but the downside to this is you will be more direct with them
-Erratic, flitting
-Accepting of help
-Will work harder if you know there's no easy way out
-Adaptable when it comes to the big picture, but like your particulars to stay constant; e.g. can move to another state, but need it to have beaches; also highly adaptable behaviorally
-Would be the type of parent to ask your children to leave when you feel it's time
-Outside of get-togethers, you have little to do with your companions and seldom interact; after you've had your fun you resume your solitary ways and rarely bring yourself to anyone's attention
-Antagonistic toward people who invade your privacy or personal bubble
-Can spend long periods of time doing one thing, especially when it's a stationary activity
-May 'shift' your preference simply out of convenience; if something you like is in abundance, you'll latch onto it while you can
-Known to get loud when excited, alarmed, or irritated
-An alert and suspicious person
-Your constant exclamations, jumpiness, and worrying can become annoying
-Have an ability to cope with extreme situations and give a good account of yourself in your attempts to see off daunting opponents
-May dabble with a few commitments to see what they offer, but eventually settle with one
-Are, for the most part, not a social person
-Like to have your day open, so get work done in the morning or later in the day
-People shouldn't be fooled by first impressions; you are armed with a wicked tongue and are generally more formidable than meets the eye
-Jittery and have trouble sitting still; always fiddling with something, tapping a foot, etc.
-Not fastidious about your accommodations; live simply
-If you have the resources available and feel it's worth it, you'll do double the work
-Believe that it's not the work that was put into it, but the end result that counts
-Are very expressive when you're interested in something; without saying a word your face tells all
-Have the habit of getting all geared up to act, but hesitate when things aren't perfect; if this causes the chance to disappear, you'll try again, still with a timid approach until at last you decisively strike
-When you get a hold of someone you've been after you'll verbally pin them down, because you hate having to chase after people and being given the run-around
-Graceful and rapid in your area of expertise


Full Name: Nicholas

Settled Or Not: Settled (american kestrel)

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Black


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