Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh my gosh.

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Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh my gosh.

Post by Xander on Wed May 26, 2010 11:35 pm


Full Name: Xander Alan Taylor

Gender: Male

Birth Date: January 2nd

Eye Color: Greenish blue

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 5' 10"

About His/Her Family: Xander's father left him and his mother when he was around three years old. He used that to his advantage though. If his mother didn't give him what he wanted, he'd threaten to leave, so he grew up getting whatever he wanted, whether his mother could afford it or not. Secretly, he loves his mother though. Lawl.


~You do not hide your feelings.
~You dislike most strangers.
~People tend to dislike you because you don't hide your hatred for them.
~You can be quite blunt.
~You are an aggressive and dominating person.
~Your friends are usually people who can be described as aggressive and dominating themselves.
~You watch for weaknesses in people and are quick to take advantage of them.
~You do surprisingly well with children.
~You don't mind playfulness and rough housing.
~You are good at tracking down information.
~You may be regarded as an outlaw by some.
~You tackle projects and enemies head on.
~Your not known to pull your punches.
~Strangers often realize early on not to mess with you.
~You have a very impressive and fearsome reputation.
~You are ready to help your friends and family in any situation.
~People close to you know they can trust you. You are very dependable.
~You like physical closeness to your friends and family and most likely bond through touch.
~You are very vocal and call things as you see them.
~You are actually quite feminine despite your aggression.
~New environments seldom bother you.
~People can become extremely frustrated with you.
~Most likely you excel at math or science where there is usually a single correct answer.
~You have a lot of energy and like all types of stimulating activities.
~You probably love the outdoors and specifically, the country.
~When bored you can become destructive and counter productive.
~You are easily annoyed.
~You are very devoted to those who have managed to get close to you.
~You are extremely protective of those close to you.
~You may be possessive of your friends and become jealous of their other friends.
~It takes you a long time to accept someone and even then you might just barely tolerate them.
~You have a unique way of getting from one conclusion to another.
~You can easily connect abstract concepts.
~You are very self-confidence, perhaps excessively so.
~You have a great deal of pride and it is rare for you to admit it when you are wrong.
~You are brave to the point of foolishness sometimes. You can be considered quite reckless.
~You are very alert and jump at the first sign of trouble.
~You don't like having too much attention focused on you and may become aggressive or temperamental if you find yourself the center of attention.
~You are decisive.
~You are the type that will help someone whether they want to be helped or not.
~You don't mind change.
~You are extremely territorial and woe be unto those who trespass.
~You put up emotional walls.
~You may be quite controlling.
~When around friends and family, you are probably very calm and at ease.
~You have a mind of your own and are not easily influenced by others.
~You only listen to those who have earned a lot of respect from you.
~You are very hierarchal.
~You like organization.
~You enjoy having clearly defined rules.
~You don't mind intense emotional displays.
~You have a general, bring-it-on, type attitude.


Full Name: Kae

Settled Or Not: Settled (Fila Brasileiro)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Dark brown

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