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Chance Ian Adler

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Full Name: Chance Ian Adler

Gender: Male

Birth Date:

Eye Color: Blue-gray

Hair Color: Black

Height: 6'1”

About His/Her Family: He's got a mom named Katsa who's itty bitty, a dad named Alton who isn't, two twin older sisters named Kairi and Katsa, another older sister named Anniah, three younger brothers named Leon, Paxton, and Emerson, and one younger sister named Rini.

-When you’re excited, everyone knows it. You may bounce around or giggle a lot or just be generally happy, but you’re not one to keep your happiness to yourself. When you’re in a good mood, you’re very willing to spread it.

-Your love life is secretive or not well-known. Few people know who you have feelings for, or even if you have a significant other.

-While some may see you as more dark and intense, you do have a lighter side, though it tends to be less obvious to those who don’t know you well or spend much time with you.

-You are generally known for being sturdy and/or dependable.

-You are a very important member of your “community”, whether that be defined as your family, your friend-group, your school, your church, your town, etc.

-You may have matured young or been relatively independent from your parents.

-Though your habits or likes may be similar to others, you seem to lack certain key qualities necessary for this. However, you can still carry out your tasks, even with this apparent handicap. For example, you may be a wonderful diver with a fear of heights. If you’re a marsh mongoose soul, this doesn’t affect you as much as one would think.

[yeah, um, marsh mongooses are primarily aquatic, yet they don’t have webbing between their toes that most aquatic species do. Interpret that how you will. <<]

. : in a b i n d
{ how you work things out }

-Your means of searching or solving problems is very methodical, and you’re patient when it comes to this process.
-Actually, in general you’re patient and practical. The smoother, well-traveled route appeals the most to you. This isn’t to say that you don’t like blazing your own trail, but you’d prefer to keep things predictable.

-Tough or awkward problems aren’t, well, problems to you. You can crush them easily and move on.
-You may be able to thrive in situations where others can’t; you may be one of few of your kind to venture into such a situation.

-You are very determined and dig your claws in when there’s work to be done. Some might call you stubborn, but you prefer “dedicated”. When it comes to seeking a reward or reaching a goal, you’re definitely a driven one.
-You don’t mind working hard, as long as there’s a reward at the other end.

-You have to work harder to feel fulfilled.
-You like to understand why you do things and work out your own solutions. You can be very stubborn as well as driven.

-You are rather good at uncovering things that may be hidden: the intentions of others, tricky solutions to problems, a secret way out of situations, that last Popsicle buried in the back of the freezer…
-You like to get to the root of a problem.
-When faced with a problem, you can find many ways to attack it.

-A lot of the time your searching for answers or action in pursuit of a goal may seem like you’re taking one step forward and three steps back, but you’re best in these types of situations. As mentioned before, you’re stubborn and dig your claws in.

-Sometimes your means of solving problems is bizarre, but hey, it works for you.

-When threatened, you may try to lay low at first, but if this doesn’t work you’ll leap into the situation and try to neutralize the threat as soon as possible.
-If this threat does not vanish, you tend to get nasty and lash out verbally. Your words can be very harsh at times.
-As a rule, though, you aren’t very confrontational. You would rather duck away from something than face it head-on.

.: the workings of m e
{ how everything fits together }

-Mostly solitary, you prefer the company of close friends or family.

-Your life is more fast-paced, and as a rule, the details don’t really bother you. You’re not as persnickety as some.

-You’re a bit of a “go with the flow” kind of person, though you like to walk your own path. You don’t mind going along with what others are doing or what’s going on, but you also don’t mind breaking away and working independently.

-You prefer feeling sheltered to being thrown out in the open. It’s nice to have some familiarity to fall back on if a situation is out of control.

-On your common routes, you know of good hiding places or areas to slink off to if you’re feeling moody.

-Your foresight is impressive. Maybe you’re better at thinking of future consequences than most people, or maybe you just tend to think ahead. Whatever it is, it’s beneficial, especially when it comes to problem-solving.

-Sensitivity is a strong point of yours; though you may be a tough, wiry little thing (like most mongooses), you have a gentle touch and are perceptive to the reactions of others around you.
-This “observation” is a passive gesture, meaning you don’t try to draw attention to it.
-You seem immature or naive at times, but it’s rarely detrimental.

-You’re very good at “keeping your head above water”. That is to say, you’re strong and enduring and careful to avoid being swept away by the problems in your life.

-Though your ways of facing problems are more passive than aggressive (less confrontational), your personality is more forthright and aggressive.

-Your “mental defenses” (i.e. how you respond to criticism, threats, etc.) are rather strong, and you can ignore most minor annoyances, like taunts or harsh words.

-Though you may seem to be “on guard” all the time, it’s really all outward. You’re softer once people get past your initial fences.

-Occasionally you’ll enjoy a situation or a place because of the people there.

. : cracks in the g l a s s
{ the cons to your pros }

-You are very territorial, rigidly enforcing your boundaries and space. Trespassers are not tolerated.
-In addition to your territoriality, you’re a tad exclusive. Someone wants to become part of your group? Not if you can help it. They have to prove themselves first.
-You constantly check “your stuff” or “your people” to make sure that everything’s right.

-You need your personal space and are very finicky about this.

-You may be a little short or blunt at times, but this is just how you work. You have no desires to take back these words, because what’s done is done. You do, however, have backup plans in case you get yourself into trouble.

Full Name: Sasha

Settled Or Not: Settled (marsh mongoose)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Black



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